Forget the fad diets, supplement replacements, and empower your health with a REAL lifestyle solution

Forget the fad diets, supplement replacements, and empower your health with a REAL lifestyle solution

It’s time to change the health and well-being of individuals and companies from the inside out! Gregg Roberts, INHC, is not into fad diets, the supplement-of-the-day or wellness programs that do not lead to long-term healthy lifestyle choices. He is on a mission to revolutionize the wellness industry by launching his business, SimpleWisdom Wellbeing Solutions. Roberts is on a mission to coach individuals and companies “to implement sustainable health, wellness and lifestyle solutions with measurable financial and cultural benefits for the company.”

GC – Tell us more about SimpleWisdom Wellbeing Solutions.

GR – SimpleWisdom is a new generation workplace wellness company that works with companies to improve the health and wellness of their employees. We take our clients improved group health outcomes and help them to convert this success into serious cost savings with their health insurance costs.
To move the wellness needle in the right direction for a larger group we utilize a one-to-one health coaching model combined with state of the art app and technology to ensure maximum engagement and success.
The evidence has clearly shown the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for larger groups and in order to help people attain better health, we must meet the individual where they are at in life.
The single 20 something has a much different lifestyle then the 40+ married with kids, so we work to empower all of our clients with a lifestyle plan that will work for the individual.

GC – What inspired you to write Progress over Perfection?

GR – About 8 years ago I went thru a divorce and became a single Dad of 3 young children I was now responsible for the majority of the time. I found myself in that unforeseen ‘God forbid something happens to me, what would happen to my kids?’ scenario. With both of my parents being cancer survivors I was particularly motivated to stay healthy (which was not always the case in my past). This led to my diving down a rabbit hole of research and being both shocked and inspired by what I was discovering.
The more I learned about how we can truly take control of our health and wellbeing as well as how little awareness there seemed to be around the subject, despite all the unnecessary suffering from sickness I was witnessing, I knew I HAD to share. Hence the book was born.

GC – What do you see is the biggest challenge in our lifestyle today that can be changed easily to see quicker results?

GR – The sense that many people have of being overwhelmed and feeling like they can’t jump of the hamster wheel of life. We need to slow down, check in with our whys (why are we here….etc), and strive for better wellbeing. Once we identify our goals it is all about habit and practice. I always suggest to my clients to start gradually. Begin to crowd out those habits that might be hurting us (processed food, lack of sleep…) and crowd in the healing choices (whole foods, stress mgmt techniques…). Choose to live a healthier and happier life and then remember for ‘sustainable’ success, slow and steady wins the race.

GC – Tell us about your other interesting ventures related to wellbeing

GR – I am involved with pro bono work such as speaking with cancer support groups or working with the underprivileged community. One project I am working on that is tied to wellbeing is a foundation which promotes random acts of kindness through video sharing. In my book, Progress Over Perfection: 16 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health and Wellbeing, my last chapter ‘Giving=Living’, is dedicated to the actual health benefits we gain from giving.

authorRoberts is also the author of Progress Over Perfection: 16 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Health and Wellbeing and CEO/Founder of SimpleWisdom Wellbeing Solutions, and Workplace Wellness 2.0. He has appeared on NBC, CNN, and E! as a guest for various news shows.

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