BLACKBiz Foundation hosted its Virtual Body, Mind & Soul Event

BLACKBiz Foundation hosted its Virtual Body, Mind & Soul Event

The FYREchat series focused on mental health awareness and had special guests DOUG E. Fresh to discuss mental health issues within the black community. 

On May 22nd, BLACKBiz Foundation held a Zoom event in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month

BLACKBiz, a Non Profit organization that focuses on black empowerment and helps the success of black-owned businesses, held its second FYREChat Event.

During this event, BLACKBiz leaders created a safe space to discuss mental health concerns within the black community. The four panelists chosen were black professionals who opened up about the stigma around mental health in the black community. The goal of this event was to try to find the root of the problem and how to move forward. 

This non-profit is dedicated to allowing black businesses to grow and scale by providing access to funding, business resources, and digital exposure. By doing this, they strengthen the cultural and economic voices within the black community. 

“We don’t take enough time to relax, regenerate, or deal with what we’re dealing with, and move forward.–This event is about having that conversation and the intersection of the black experience and mental wellness. So how do we deal with healing and moving forward,” BLACKBiz co-founder Gina Diggs said.

Mental Health awareness is more important than ever before. During the Event, BlackBiz associates predict Mental health will be the biggest concern post-COVID, especially for African Americans. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Health Services, “African American adults are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues than the rest of the population.” 

BLACKBiz had special guest and hip hop icon Doug E. Fresh to weigh in on the body, mind and soul discussion. Fresh is a longtime advocate for mental health and emotional wellness awareness. Doug E. Fresh has been an honorary board member of Hip Hop Public Health. Its mission is to deliver a positive health message through music, art, and science. 

Fresh joined the conversation to discuss an artist’s perspective on mental health and the struggles many artists deal with. 

“In the music industry, artists go through some of the most unbelievable mental trauma that you can possibly imagine because you dedicate yourself to the art, and sometimes your experiences make your art more connected,” Fresh said. “But at the same time, the things you’re going through don’t resolve it, don’t know what to do, or know how to handle it.”

BLACKBiz encouraged viewers to register to win special offers they had, which are a part of the many resources they provide for black business owners. 

Learn more about BLACKBiz on their website, Instagram and Facebook Page.


Kate Elfatah
Kate Elfatah

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