The Jetsetter’s Guide to a Travel Capsule 

The Jetsetter’s Guide to a Travel Capsule 

By: Anastasia Pash

Creating a travel capsule is vital to looking chic and travelling light when jetsetting around the world. Here are a few simple rules for packing your bags that will help you look the part, wherever you go. 

Embracing the Three C’s: Climate, Culture, Comfort

The core of your travel capsule hinges on the three C’s. Climate dictates the type of clothing—light layers for tropical locations or insulated pieces for cooler climes. Culture influences style choices, ensuring you respect local customs with your attire. Comfort is about items that allow you to feel your best while exploring. In the book, “Travel With Style“, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of the three C’s and packing recommendations for more than twenty of the world’s top destinations, such as Paris, Cancun, London, Dubai, and Tokyo, as well as skiing and safari.

Layering: The Traveler’s Secret

When hopping from city to city, or visiting temperate destinations like London and Paris, varied weather conditions are a given. The way to dress for multiple destinations is to make layering your best friend. A breathable linen shirt can be worn by itself on a warm day, or in a warmer climate. It can then be topped with a cashmere sweater and complemented with a structured jacket. This kind of layering allows you to dress for all weather eventualities, without needing to pack too many items. 

Jewelry: Less Is More

When it comes to jewellery, minimalism reigns supreme. A simple necklace or a pair of studs can tie together your outfit without overcomplicating your look. Plus, when visiting cities known for pickpockets, or traveling in developing nations, you really don’t want to be drawing unwanted attention with flashy pieces. Finally, fewer items mean less to keep track of.

Prints and Logos: The Understated Approach

Loud prints and logos are fun, but can often difficult to mix with other items. Plain items without any prints will help you blend in with the locals, whether you’re roaming around the Italian countryside or soaking up the cultural heritage in London. Use these are your base and add one or two louder items for those days when you feel like making a statement. 

Color Palette: Timeless Neutrals

Neutral colours like beige, grey, black, and blue are great bases for a travel capsule. They are timeless and versatile and allow for multiple outfit combinations with just a few pieces.

Choosing the Right Luggage

When you have your travel capsule assembled, it’s time to pick the right luggage. A duffel or carry-on should be sufficient for a weekend getaway. For extended stays, consider a hardshell suitcase. If you’re taking a safari trip, note that some safari routes won’t accept a suitcase on the small Cessna planes. Pack a weekender and bring a backpack for your daily essentials. 

Following these simple principles outlined in “Travel With Style,” you can curate a travel capsule that helps you look and feel your best, wherever you land. Grab your copy today. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited! 

More about Anastasia

Meet Anastasia – a seasoned globetrotter, former travel blogger, and fashion enthusiast. With a globe-spanning resume that includes residence in nine countries on four continents and stamps from over 40 countries, Anastasia has packed more suitcases than she can count. Anastasia spent her early years on a picturesque Mediterranean island, where her love for travel and aesthetics first took root. By the time she turned 17, she had travelled across much of the Middle East and Europe. She pursued her studies in the UK and south of France, soaking in the new cultures, manners and style.

Upon completing her studies, Anastasia embarked on a new chapter in London, where she forged a career that allowed her to travel the world. At this time, she launched her travel blog, which enabled collaborations with renowned brands and granted her access to some of the world’s most exclusive locations. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch several businesses, all focused on the world of travel. From running a boutique holiday lettings agency to pioneering a virtual travel platform during the pandemic, Anastasia brought vision and innovation to the travel industry.

Since quitting her corporate job in 2017, Anastasia has traveled to exotic locations, including Mozambique, Bali, Dubai, and European capitals. Her ability to blend in with locals has opened doors to genuine friendships and deeper cultural immersion. She worked with a stylist to create travel capsules, which she shares in her book. The book also gives specific recommendations of what to pack for 20 top destinations, plus skiing and safari trips.

More about the book
Say goodbye to the days of overpacking and resorting to wearing the same pair of jeans and T-shirts on your travels. Bid adieu to looking like a tourist amidst well-dressed locals. Farewell, the anxiety, which comes with the question, “What do I pack?”. “Travel With Style” is here to transform the way you pack for your trip.
This book invites you to harness the power of mini-capsules for your journeys. You’ll discover how to curate outfits that resonate with your style and your destination’s attributes. You’ll find packing and styling suggestions for the world’s top 20 destinations, including Berlin, Cambodia, the Greek Islands, Dubai, and Tokyo, as well as skiing and safari. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of packing tips from a seasoned traveller, from space-saving techniques to garment care advice. Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.
Kat Fleischman
Kat Fleischman