France-based Bestrade Expands to the U.S. Trade Events Market

France-based Bestrade Expands to the U.S. Trade Events Market

The U.S. event industry has a powerful new tool – France-based online business event directory Bestrade ( that recently expanded its reach to service the United States market.

The only one of its kind, free online directory solution offers valuable crowdsourced feedback for its customers, featuring a powerful search engine that facilitates access to detailed information about trade events, including key contacts, venues, organizers, news and community recommendations.

The concept for Bestrade was developed in 2015 by founder Marc Bouvrot-Parratte during his work on his first startup venture Crystal Device. His experience in promoting and growing his business led to the conceptualization of a better, more cost-effective tool to identify and select which industry events to attend.

“Bestrade was born out of a real need that I immediately recognized while exploring the marketing and promotional strategies available to me to help grow my first startup,” explains Bouvrot-Parratte.

The first ever community platform created to empower users to find, compare and review professional trade events, Bestrade offers a free solution for company decision-makers, enabling them to develop better business strategies, make more informed decisions and reduce management costs.

To improve the accuracy of its analytics and better serve event organizers, Bestrade has also developed features that allow them to create and send self-directed satisfaction surveys directly from the platform, in addition to the existing automated surveys found on the site.

Some interesting facts about the company’s current reach in the US include:


Photo by Nobuyuki Kondo.

*Number of events currently listed on Bestrade: 23,000 with 9,000 in the US

*Number of venues currently listed on Bestrade: 5,000 with 2,000 in the US

*Number of organizers currently listed on Bestrade: 5,000 with 2,500 in US

“Bestrade has created a great business event search platform that is proving very useful to members and local partners such as myself. I use Bestrade daily to send information to my members that include businesses throughout France.” comments Martine Charvet, Enterprise Europe Network / CCi, digital arm of the French Chamber of Commerce.

Bestrade plans to expand to the Spanish language market in mid-2019, and soon after, the Asian market, targeting India, China, and Japan. 

Nicole Muj
Nicole Muj