Celebrate Black History Month this February with a Technology Disruptor who Founded AskRobot AI Tech Startup

Celebrate Black History Month this February with a Technology Disruptor who Founded AskRobot AI Tech Startup

As we approach February, a month marked by the celebration of Black History Month in the United States, The AI tech startup, AskRobot, represents not just technological innovation but also a celebration of diversity in the tech industry, especially during Black History Month.

Here are 5 things that make AskRobot unique and different from other chatbots out there.

1. Cutting-Edge Technology Fusion:

After extensive research and meticulous analysis, CEO Martin Kabaki delved deep into several of the open-source Large Language Models out there to uncover the most effective functionalities available. Through this rigorous exploration, he skillfully blended the best leading-edge features of each LLM and engineered a distinctive chatbot, AskRobot. The result is a powerful synthesis that combines the strength of various outstanding functionalities, each contributing to a superior and seamless user experience. The chatbot AskRobot is not just another entry in the market; it’s a testament to quality and innovation, setting a new standard for a powerful chatbot experience. He created the chat with blended functionalities from these 6 LLM’s:

[i] GPT-Neo and GPT-NeoX (EleutherAI): Mirroring OpenAI’s GPT-3, these models offer robust capabilities with GPT-NeoX taking it up a notch in power and size.

[ii] GPT-J (EleutherAI): A formidable rival to GPT-3, GPT-J shines in its versatility and open-source adaptability.

[iii] BLOOM (BigScience): A multilingual marvel, BLOOM emphasizes accessibility, ethical AI, and diversity.

[iii] T5 (Google): Transforming NLP tasks into text-to-text formats, T5’s influence in AI is undeniable.

[iv] Fairseq (Facebook AI Research): Encompassing a suite of sequence-to-sequence models, including transformers for translation and summarization.

[v] BERT and RoBERTa (Google and FAIR): Trailblazers in context understanding, these models enhance the chatbot’s comprehension skills.

2. Personalized AI Assistants – A New Standard in Chatbot Technology:

AskRobot revolutionizes the chatbot landscape by introducing a suite of specialized AI Assistants, each a master in its domain. What sets assistants apart is their unique design, meticulously fine-tuned and engineered to excel in specific tasks, mirroring the expertise of industry professionals. This means when you interact with an AskRobot assistant, you’re not just receiving automated responses, but expert-level insights and information tailored to your specific query. This level of precision and specialization is unprecedented in the chatbot world, offering users a truly personalized and reliable AI experience.

3. Leading the Way as a Trailblazing Black-Owned Venture in AI:

AskRobot is more than just a pioneer in artificial intelligence but is a shining example of diversity and innovation in the AI tech industry as a black-owned startup. Their entry into the AI field is a bold statement against the status quo, breaking barriers and challenging the underrepresentation of black and minority founders in tech. By leading the charge in AI innovation, AskRobot is reshaping the narrative around diversity in technology, showcasing the immense value and impact of having diverse voices and perspectives driving global technological advancement.

4. AI Meets Social Responsibility:

The Founder and CEO of AskRobot was born and raised in Kenya and he relocated to the US years ago to seek better opportunities. AskRobot plans to donate a portion of its after-tax profits to Kijiji, a non-profit hospital in Kabaki’s hometown of Naivasha, Kenya. Kijiji Hospital provides essential medical services to the poor and underserved communities in Kenya’s rural areas. Kijiji started as a small dialysis clinic, and they recently installed a lab, and the goal is to expand it into a fully-fledged hospital in the coming years. Martin Kabaki’s journey is not just one of success, but a powerful narrative of giving back and pioneering change in both his native and adopted lands.

5. Advanced Multilingual Comprehension and Communication:

AskRobot chatbot stands out with its cutting-edge approach to multilingual interaction. It is meticulously trained using sophisticated fine-tuning and prompt engineering techniques. This specialized training enables the chatbot to not only understand but also effectively communicate in multiple foreign languages. By comprehending the nuances and contextual subtleties of various languages, AskRobot offers users a seamless and more natural conversational experience in their preferred language. This capability ensures that the platform is accessible and user-friendly to a global audience, breaking down language barriers and fostering more inclusive interactions.

Further details about AskRobot and its impact on the AI industry:

Website: https://askrobot.ai/

Anyone can try the AskRobot AI platform for free and Martin is on a mission to market the platform internationally, therefore seeking potential investors.

Kat Fleischman
Kat Fleischman