Six Must Haves for Going Back to School When You’re 30+

Six Must Haves for Going Back to School When You’re 30+

Enrolling back in school to get a degree or a skill set sounds like an excellent decision. This investment, both in terms of finances and time, guarantees promising returns in the form of better-paying jobs, a stronger resume and the perks of becoming a more learned, and a well-educated person. However, when someone, who’s seen more than 30-40 years of life, decides to head back to school, it’s only natural that a certain level of anxiety accompanies him/her.

Everyone who’s been through this journey successfully says that it’s not very difficult. The key is to find a balance between ‘being yourself’ and trying a little bit to ‘fit in’ with the 18-19-year-olds, making them feel comfortable and in return allowing yourself to learn from their enthusiasm and innovative ideas. It’s a rollercoaster ride, really!
We’ve scoured the web and created this guide that enlists the top 6 must-haves that every 30+ needs while getting back to school and be prepared for an exciting journey ahead –

Atelier Paulin Accessories

Atelier Paulin Accessories – The France based brand has a beautiful collection of classy accessories in the form of rings, ear-cuffs, fibulas, ear-hoops, cuff-links and bracelets that complement all kinds of college looks. The best thing about their accessories is the sheer simplicity behind the whole concept. Crafted by employing the ancestral technique of hand-shaping precious metal wires, Atelier Paulin’s jewelry creates perfect little words like Happy, Madame, Jetaime, Love, Muse or Amour. Each of their creations is hand-crafted and made to order. Thus, every piece of jewelry is unique!

back to schoolPHOCUS Sparkling Water – It’s easy to deduce that drinking 5-6 cups of coffee every day is not an intelligent solution while trying to match the energy and concentration levels of a teenager fellow student. Phocus Caffeinated Sparkling Water is the substitute for that. The formula of the water that comes in 5 different flavors has been carefully produced with the richness of electrolytes, L-theanine, and tea caffeine to develop a zero-calorie, energy-boosting and concentration-enhancing refreshment that works all day long. Flavors on offer include – Natural, Blood Orange, Cucumber, Grapefruit and Yuzu & Lime. While Cucumber and Grapefruit have garnered the best reviews, Blood Orange is perhaps the most popular one among the band of loyal followers of Phocus.

Hood Hat Caps
The Zeitgeist – This is a one-stop-shop for everything cool and trendy. And don’t worry, since at first, it’ll seem like everything’s pink and pretty, there are plenty of options that’ll appeal to a 30+ as well. The Zeitgeist by Alexandra Chang offers impressive collections of tees, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, bags, notebooks, stickers, headbands, iPhone cases and enamel pins. Their signature white sweatshirt with ‘zeitgeist’ written in bold black letters is particularly popular. Other promising products by the brand include – the ‘cult classic’ black iPhone cover, the Obama sticker and the ‘frequent flyer’ white Sabrina tee.

hum by verizon
Hood Hat Caps – These days the markets are full of cheap, acrylic-wool baseball caps which are not very aesthetically pleasing, nor comfortable to wear over a long duration of time. Finding a cap, made of 100 percent wool and that too of exceptional quality, can be very challenging. Hood Hat by Nelson is one such brand that sells 100 percent wool, and not just any other yarn, Australian Merino Worsted Wool, baseball caps in a variety of styles. They have three collections to choose from – Los Angeles, New York, and Legend. Needless to say that sporting a Hood Hat baseball cap is one trend that the jocks are sticking to at the moment, pretty religiously.

master lock
Hum by Verizon – An aftermarket connected car system that’s compatible with almost every vehicle there is on the roads. Once the device is plugged into the car’s OBD II port, it keeps the driver notified about the health of the car and can also send emergency services to the car’s location in case of an accident. Their mechanics’ hotline service allows the driver to contact a certified serviceman for unbiased counseling and instructions. Thus, saving the driver’s time and hard-earned money that can be put to some good use, somewhere else. A two-year service subscription can cost $20 a month.

Master Lock Padlocks and Safes – Padlocks and safes from the trusted brand – The Master Lock Company are must-haves not just for the 30+ who are going to attend the college this year, but for every student who has a locker in the college or dorm. This lock company has been simplifying security for students of all age groups for many years now and is one of the most reliable names in the lock and safe manufacturing industry. Their innovative products like the Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock, Master Lock Indoor Bluetooth Padlock, and SentrySafe Digital Security Safe have won awards and accolades on several platforms for being exceedingly student-friendly, modern and long-lasting.

There are so many other things out there that a nervous 30 something could buy for himself/herself as the means of preparation for his/her new college life, but the most important thing one needs to remember is that years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom is already on their side. So, gear up with the things that seem necessary for this expedition and let the new experiences and lessons unfold on their own. Have a gala time ahead! All the best!

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