Samantha Goldberg Turns Ordinary Events into Extraordinary Soirees

Samantha Goldberg Turns Ordinary Events into Extraordinary Soirees

Samantha Goldberg (AKA – Sassi Sammi) is the industry’s leading Celebrity Wedding Planner in the New York, Chicago and LA Metro markets. She’s known nationwide for her “Trendsetting” and “Carefree” design skill set as well as for being the “Fabulously” famous Party Planner to the stars” as seen on the Style Networks, “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway,” and various other networks.
Samantha has launched her now highly successful business in Chicago dedicating 90% of her skill set on “mastering the art of “tangible/intangible” event design, education and more. Somehow the “creative juices” became most visible when using her professional beauty background with designing of events, implementing “magic” for one’s special event be-it wedding, milestone or celebration.

GC – Sassi Sammi! How did you get into party planning?

SG – I am not an East Coast native, but a true Chicago native. I lived in the city of Chicago and the north suburbs for a short period of time but lived in the city most of my life. I know my family started married and ended in divorce at 2 1/2. I don’t remember much except for my mother telling me at an older age 7, that if I could move out I would.

I guess you would say my independence started at a very young age, and I was considered an old soul.

As I got into my teens I sang. I was in concert choir, even worked in a recording studio, lead singer in a band Quinxiotica and would sing for all kinds of occasions 12 years in total and told very little ppl about my talent! In my family, my grandmother during World War II used to sing to the troops in five different languages to keep them happy in addition to Red Cross efforts she was in the Marines. She was very talented and beautiful. I guess you could say I’m a third child prodigy. She was in pageantry as well. My mother used to model she had a great voice too. She started your own marketing advertising company in her early 30s. She was a very successful single parent.

I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother, and much of what I grew up in was somewhat abusive, but I took her strong points and the things that I felt someday when I’m a mother I will do… and that thrust my drive into full force and I haven’t stopped since.

Would you believe me at age 19???

I was also in pageantry wore the same dress when my mom was crowned Miss Chicago/Lincoln Square. I later was chosen to be a finalist as Miss IL into the Mrs. America/IL pageant. I wore my grandmother’s same dress and that lucky dress was worn by my mom too!

When I was 33 I was married and became pregnant the year of my 35th birthday gave birth that year too. I was told my husband at the time had a relocation opportunity to increase his resume. When you love and support someone you do what you must do to support them, so I left a career in the professional beauty and fashion industry. I absolutely loved it and did very well at events, tradeshows, public launches, celebrity products and then employee weddings on the side I had over 3000 people to train at times! left all my family and friends and came here.

Funny how I imagine myself being a stay at home mom. That didn’t go over too well when you moved to a location where you know no one you just had a child and you’re kind of doing it on your own. My husband mentioned maybe I should do consulting work for the company are used to work with so I did for a short period of time and then begin to branch off into other distribution or manufactures on the East Coast.

After surgeries with my daughter who had a cavernous hemangioma that needed to be handled growing in her mouth, I knew I needed something more interactive creative and fun. My husband at the time, suggested I get some business cards made and maybe do some side Weddings like I did in Chicago. Well, I think I went a little gangbuster it wasn’t easy in the beginning.

Six months later I had 40 clients and was on an international television show about weddings I thought that was just a onetime shot…

Let’s Just say that was the beginning to my multiple tiered empire which consists of me being the brand, celebrity major brand spokesperson, SMT specialist, television personality radio show host, talk show host, and celebrity wedding designer/lifestyle expert. I still read over my accomplishments and still get a pit in my stomach which is a good one but it leads me to the question of I’m ready for something else. I finally found the right mix of people to get me there… As the saying goes just take the path you were lead to lead… And the rest will follow ūüôā

GC – What does it take for you to turn an ordinary event into extraordinary Soirees?

SG – I think it takes time to create a personalized experience. Most people consider design or event orchestration as one job and that is so not true, The reality is being able to decide firstly, what are you good at? Design or finding the right players to make someone’s vision become as real as possible? It took me a while of trial and error to get those people and then to mold them into what I needed and the clients. You’re not planning just one person’s day! I so wish people would admit the whole wedding for goodness sakes is involved and it sucks BUT reality! So you have to manage all aspects! My goal each and every event is to over deliver and not over promise! That is OVERLY common with 95% of all professionals in this field. We all have the same goal just some of us actually most play it too safe…Don’t ask yourself what or why you can’t have the same success as someone you critique? Maybe, they are taking a chance you should consider? My personal touches match a one of a kind event THEY OWN forever!!!! Isn’t that what they invest in?

GC – What does it take to become a successful party/event planner?

SG – PATIENCE for one. I am always working on this as so many personalities out there, I have to ensure I also have people working with me as a team- a family! I love our reviews they say it takes a well-oiled machine and to hear we do this BEST compliment to our success! It takes a person who takes risks as I mentioned. If you are too intimidated, wondering how to do this like someone you see on TV ahemmmm….You can’t master what would make you even better! My team makes my brand the best it can be what more can you ask for?

GC – Tell us more about your TV series and what can we expect to see in the near future

SG – The T.V. Series I am currently working on is rehabbing homes with 40 good looking contractors! I know this seems a bit off weddings/homes???? BUT, if I have lofts or tents I need to start over with electric build walls, partitions, hang chandeliers, floor plans, furniture and yes even paint or recreate! It works- I never thought that was me but this flipping business is awesome and it started as that! I have networks fighting over the production so cannot share just expect after 19 homes thus far, this is just another entryway into – a brand! The best part it’s ON THE CHEAP and comparable to NYC Manhattan style!

The newest addition, although I had a great podcast show called “Get Real” w/ Samantha Goldberg on WPN ( Wedding Podcast Network), was amazing! Robert and Holli Erlick took chance on me and it went well! Now, I have a partner on air- it’s an Art Bell station house…The paranormal which I share with expert Holli Hollis who is the leading expert on ghosts, and spirits- She will cover this and I cover the abnormal in ppl in places- Have you watched me on TV? I have many areas of abnormal inclusive of me- You’ll see Holli on my “She’s Flipping Out” show from time to time as these homes scare me gold paint and haunting shag carpets in green!! It’s due in 2019!

Lastly, I was contacted by a party supply manufacturer who liked the Sassy on the Budget style and we are FINALLY under contract- see you on Amazon in late 2018!

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