Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re nearing the end of your holiday shopping but need a few more last-minute ideas, we have a few great options for you to consider this year. It’s not too late to pick up a few more gifts for those on your list. Here are my Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas, ready to ship to you or your family and friends.

Luna Sundara by Sergio Davila Handwoven Wool Cushion Covers (Habano)

These gorgeous quality handwoven wool cushion covers are an amazing home decor gift. Luna Sundara by Sergio Davila is the most recent home decor collection by Luna Sundara, featuring uniquely designed cushion covers and rugs inspired by the llamas that roam freely among the Peruvian mountains. They collaborated with award-winning designer Sergio Davila to capture the true spirit of the Andes and bring it directly to your living room or bedroom. Davila is recognized throughout South America for his cutting-edge vision and non-traditional style. He has developed new hand-loomed techniques, styles and knitwear through his work with various local artisans. This handwoven, 100% Peruvian lambswool cushion cover is both beautiful and comfortable.

A plus is that Luna Sundara utilizes wool that is ethically sourced from Peruvian highland sheep, and hand-loomed in Lima by artisan women within a fair trade environment. In keeping with the authenticity of their Andean-based products, they collaborate with Peruvian artisans and designers to deliver products that are responsibly manufactured with as little impact to the environment as possible. You can shop all their products directly on their site or their Amazon store.

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Dune Jewelry & Co. Wine Stoppers

Don’t just give a bottle of your favorite wine, include one of these customizable wine stoppers. This bottle stopper is perfect for your favorite vino, olive oil, or sparkling concoction. Have it created just for that special someone with their favorite sand, earth, or element. These make the most luxurious hostess gift.

Customize your gift even more with their engraving service that you can add to your product.

Dune Jewelry & Co. also offers a beautiful line of jewelry and home accents. They create fine Experiential Jewelry® with the highest quality materials from around the world to capture your most meaningful experiences, favorite adventures and precious memories. They individually handcraft each piece of jewelry with your sand & natural elements from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, mountaintop, golf course and more. You can pick and select your “sandbank & other elements” from around the world.

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Salt Live Energized Salt Therapies

The perfect gift for the health and wellness enthusiast. Salt Live Energized is located in SoHo providing clear seaside air in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities, New York. “Cleaning your lungs of city air pollutants and toxins means more than just cleaner lungs. It means you absorb oxygen more efficiently, increase red blood cell production, and even produce more dopamine – the “happy” hormone.” Their cutting edge Salt Air Therapies have been talked about for a few years now.

Their product line is available online and they provide body scrubs, bath soaks and salt bars for your skin. These gifts are perfect for those that can’t enjoy their in person location but experience all the benefits of the products. SALT’s philosophy is to promote respiratory health and help the lungs recover from urban living. Tens of thousands of people die prematurely annually because of air pollution and the cumulative effects on the body. Using naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial elements, SALT helps to mitigate that harm.

We love these products, we recommend the body scrubs and bath soaks combination when purchasing. Your friends and family will thank you.

They have a wonderful FAQ on their site that will take you through what to expect along with some informative information about their products and therapies.

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Able Made Haute Step Socks Gift Box

These Haute Step Socks Limited Edition Gift Box features four modern style socks made with high-quality construction and a soft melange cotton blend that’s knit with spandex for a snug, comfortable fit. The gift box consists of four adorable pairs from their Boldly Solid Sock Collection, ironically lowering your carbon footprint. The very first thing that I noticed is the quality and vibrant look and feel of these socks. They came in a beautiful luxurious gift box that makes gift-giving even easier.

Able Made is an athleisure lifestyle brand that proceeds most of its funds to the Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation. Able Made’s mask, sock, and bag collection is available this season for those who wish to give back to unsupported children and promote regenerative, luxury fashion.

What I love even more about ABle Made is the founder, Suzanne’s, magnificent story and journey to help others. Able Made is always supporting responsible manufacturing while raising thousands of dollars for city-youth health and other powerful nonprofit initiatives aimed to build communities. If you’re looking for a give-back component to gifting this holiday season this is one we recommend on our list.

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BeLine Tote Bag

These bags make a great gift or even better, use this bag to place another gift in. We could all use some positive words these days. BeLine Products has a powerful message and an even bigger cause.

“We never know the impact our words can have on someone else. We all have the power to make someone’s day a little brighter while making our own days brighter. Let our seven special BE… words work their magic and change your life while changing the lives of those in your world. (Genuine, Love, Strong, Grateful, Inspired, Kind and Happy.)  $7 of every item that is purchased from their site will help them empower and lift children around the world so that they may live their happiest and most fulfilling lives. It’s powerful to have one purchase impact so many.

Evryday Jane’s Gail Travel Pod Topper Jacket

Hold on. Perfect for the superwomen in your life, this chic cape was designed for a life in motion! Crafted from a wrinkle-free textured knit, this stylish, easy-to-wear jacket features a removable hidden carbon filter set into the stand collar.

The founder was inspired to design it while on a plane in between a person who was coughing and another with bad breath. The hidden carbon filter is set into the stand collar that helps block pollen, odors and can also work as a mask. Bonus: It’s a visionary piece that was designed pre-pandemic (it was already around in May 2019).

This is the gift to give to the superwoman or fashionista in your life.  Explore Evryday Jane’s entire line. EVRYDAY JANE is a brand that offers comfort, care + functionality for a life in motion.

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Wildwood Candle Co. Candles

I couldn’t do a gift guide without representing one of the best gift-giving products, the candle. I’ve chosen the Wildwood Candle Co. because these candles are simply amazing. These premium handmade candles are inspired by and dedicated to the trails of Forest Park, an incredible public municipal park in Portland, Oregon with over 70 miles of single-track to explore. You can give the gift of a Forest Park this holiday season.

Each of Wildwood Candle Co.’s nine scents has been thoughtfully developed and meditated upon by founder, sole proprietor and avid trail runner Kylie Antolini. These candles represent the various trails and attractions that surround Forest Park.  The Maple Trail is a tucked-away oasis of fall foliage that inspires autumnal flavors of sweet potato, nutmeg, maple syrup, and brown sugar or experience warming scents of smoked wood, balsam, cedar, pine, and red berries conjured to mind by Firelane 1.

The really cool addition to these candles that set them apart is that the specific trail details and GPS coordinates are listed under each scent description so the adventurous can go find and experience that trail in person someday! Each candle is handmade in Portland, Oregon using all ethically USA-sourced vegan materials, including 100% natural soy wax, fragrance and essential oils, and ultra-sustainable wooden wicks. 5% of profits are donated to the Forest Park Conservancy to help maintain the ecological health and soft surface trails of this beloved park for years to come.

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Juna Silent Night CBD Set

The holidays are stressful enough but add the year 2020 to it and we could all use some help with more restful sleep. Give the gift of great sleep with this organic Silent Night Set by Juna. Deeply restorative sleep has never looked so good. Included in the gift set is Juna’s Nightcap drops that optimize your sleep cycles with the power of Full-Spectrum CBD, CBN, Passionflower, Mint, and Chamomile. Plus, help prolong Stage 3 sleep when your body, skin, and brain repair themselves along with a luxurious organic silk eye mask that is hand-dyed with indigo.

Just drop under your tongue one hour before bed. For best results, reduce screen time 2 hours before bed and lower the thermostat to 68-70 degrees to prep your body for superior shut-eye for the best deeply restorative, anti-aging sleep.

You can learn about ingredients in their products, and more importantly, what’s not in their products by visiting their site.

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Bulleit Bourbon Yeti Outdoor Pack

I love bourbon! Who doesn’t love a bourbon on a brisk winter night? I’m in love with this Bulleit Bourbon Yeti Pack. Gift the adventurer in your life some amazing Kentucky Bourbon to enjoy around the campfire this holiday season with the Bulleit Bourbon X YETI Outdoor Pack. This gift pack features one bottle of Bourbon Whiskey and one bottle of 95 Rye Whiskey, complete with a Bulleit Branded YETI Rambler to keep cocktails at the exact preferred temperature. This is a dream gift for anyone.

Even if you aren’t into campfires and lakes, this is still a special piece for any home bar.

Q-Link Acrylic Pendants

For the energy-rich friend or family member the QLink Pendant is out of this world. Q-Link products are programmed with natural frequencies that resonate with the body’s natural energy frequencies. The resulting resonant effect is similar to the healthy, energizing experiences we have in nature, in positive interactions with others, and while participating in self-balancing, restorative activities.

For more than 30 years, customers have loved Q-Link Pendants and it’s their #1 choice for experiencing the personal well-being, performance and quality of life benefits that their proprietary Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ enables. I love that you can select from colors and finishes so there really is one for anyone and they are super luxurious in the high-quality design.

You can buy one get one free until December 15th when you use promo code: BG322. So act fast! Buy one for all your family.

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Stocking Stuffer Idea: 6 Feet Away – Refillable Hand Sanitizer Key Chains

What’s Holiday Gift Giving without those stocking stuffers or the perfect package topper. These are super cute and quality made Vegan Leather Keychain/Purse accessories. It makes it easy for you to carry your favorite hand sanitizer or lotion with their 1oz leak-proof bottle while being stylish. Six Feet Away’s signature line of stylish clip-on Hand Sanitizer Holders elevates your look while saving you from rummaging through your bag when you need to sanitize your hands. They are available in a wide variety of chic colors, like Creme, Blush, Coffee, Eucalyptus, and Navy. Each one is finished off with gold and silver polished metal accents and a sturdy clip to attach to your purse or backpack.

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Enjoy all of these last-minute holiday gift ideas and support small businesses. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Kate Elfatah
Kate Elfatah

Kate Elfatah is the owner of HoM Consulting, a digital marketing agency that specializes in small business marketing strategies. Kate is also a producer, producing events and celebrity lounges during the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals. Check out Kate’s podcast Eight by Kate. Email: