Interview with New York City’s Iconic Chef David Burke

Steakw Steak Knife

GC: In your opinion, what is the most exciting dish to make from the menu?

DB: We’re having fun with  lobster and avocado salad, the wagyu beef and the scallops & octopus 

David Burke Tavern Lobster Avocado Salad

GC: Which technique do you use to prepare the Salt Aged steaks?

DB: We broil or grill, depending on the restaurant – we offer the salt aged steaks for which I have a patent  at many of  our restaurants.  At David Burke Tavern,  we grill them. 

Davide Burke Tavern Burger


GC: The setting of the tavern, a townhouse with a vintage, dark ambiance, feels homey and welcoming. Tell me more about the private dining room and the uniqueness its Pink Himalayan Sea Salt walls add to the tavern.

DB: The pink Himalayan is a David Burke brand signature; it’s what we use to salt age the steaks..  Using it for décor provides a warmth and uniqueness, in addition to being a nod to our patent, It’s  small space,; so we had to make it unique

David Burke Tavern Dining Table

GC: The Clothesline Bacon and the Cheesecake Lollipop Tree are novel in their presented way as they are both signature items. What compelled you to bring these ideas and others like this to life?

DB: Cheesecake pops came from trial and error; a way to have a shareable dessert after a big meal because our individual dessert sales were low.  The bacon came about at a charity event in Vegas —we were hanging Peking duck in and making fruit leathers, but they wouldn’t dry!  The climate was too  hot and,  so we bought a towel rack, hung everything on it set-up fans to blow on the rack!   The towel rack came with clothespins and I thought a miniature version would make a great fun  presentation… which led to  hanging bacon with clothespins..

David Burke Tavern Bacon Clothesline

David Burke Tavern Dining Room Detail


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