Spanish Fashion Designer Leandro Cano Collaborates with Larios 12 For An Artistic Masterpiece

Spanish Fashion Designer Leandro Cano Collaborates with Larios 12 For An Artistic Masterpiece

For the holidays, Spanish fashion designer Leandro Cano worked with the gin brand Larios 12 to design a limited edition bottle. The highlight of this collaboration is the use of local artists.

Leandro Cano’s collaboration with Larios 12 is an exclusive limited edition for the holiday season. Exclusive, we mean only 150 units.

There is nothing like two of my favorite things collaborating, fashion and spirits to create ART!

In this limited edition of Larios 12, the Mediterranean handmade craftsmanship is a symbol of new luxury, dressing the bottle with a traditional crochet technique and involved his fashion artisans. These women from his hometown, Jaen, Spain, form part of his universe and way of understanding fashion and have also collaborated to produce the limited bottle.

The limited-edition bottle presents a blue crochet piece that dresses the bottle. The bottle is adorned with an orange blossom, a classic Mediterranean aroma found in the Larios 12 gin.

Through this collaboration, he continues his commitment to his Spanish fashion roots, emphasizing the Mediterranean crafts and local production during a difficult time for many artisans. Traditional techniques are used to create the ornate porcelain ornament, which is at the heart of the design. These techniques rooted in the Mediterranean have been passed from generation to generation and represent one of Leandro Cano’s creativity emblems.

The true craftsmanship and continued support of historic artisans are found in all of Leandro Cano’s creations. They are made by women artisans between 60 and 90 years old who embroider and sew as part of the designer’s team and philosophy.

This collaboration allowed Larios to support and highlight the work of Mediterranean craftsmanship, revitalizing local production.

Let’s all raise a glass, of gin, for more of these collaborations in the new year with like-minded brands coming together to revitalize and restore art and local craftsmanship from around the globe.

Kate Elfatah
Kate Elfatah

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