Our Top Fashion Picks during Covid-19


Amidst the novel coronavirus, many of us have been required to attend Zoom meetings for work and lectures for professors. Although some might see working and learning from home as inconvenient and inefficient, there is always an upside. Why not dress and accessorize as fashionably and comfortably as you can in the comfort of your own home? With this guide on a few of the hottest and upcoming products, they will have you feeling like yourself again. 


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can’t buy some bling for your wrist. CHALONNE, a collection of dazzling Apple Watch straps, designs feature ethically sourced diamonds, freshwater pearls, and 14k gold. Although CHALONNE’s products are pricey, from $600, this luxury collection has breath-taking designs that include premium calfskin leather, diamond-encrusted pyramids, and gold confetti studs amongst other designs. What’s so special about these straps, though? One thing that sets apart CHALONNE from other Apple Watch straps other than the eye-catching designs is that they are crafted in France. These heritage pieces are definitely designed to fall in line with upcoming trends. CHALONNE’s impeccable designs will have you popping at any Zoom meeting! To view some of CHALONNE’s astonishing products, visit https://chalonne.com/ for more.

My Bougie Bottle

Even though it’s not as safe to go to the gym and workout, there are many other alternatives, such as hiking or walking. But of course, you have no other option than to stay hydrated, especially with summer right around the corner! My Bougie Bottle is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for a durable, beautiful, and vibrant ranged water bottle. My Bougie Bottles provides double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel sports water bottles for any type of occasion. Recently you may have seen people buy water bottles in bulk. My Bougie Bottles helps inspire the movement against the plastic bottle and help sustain an environment-friendly future. Not only does My Bougie Bottles offer water bottles, but they also supply ice-cube trays that are easy to handle for those scorching summer days. After filling one of their 25oz bottles, just put the cap on and see it in action. These bottles are no-spill, no need to unscrew the lid every time to drink, and they stay hot or cold for hours on end. You can absolutely expect to receive countless compliments even while social distancing with My Bougie Bottles’ lively Flamingo, Macaw, and Hibiscus designs! To view some of My Bougie Bottles’ tropical designs, visit https://mybougiebottle.com/ for more. 

Everyday California and Sanuk

You don’t always have to dress up while sheltering in place, so take a few days and wear something comfortable while you’re on conference calls. Lounging from home has never been made easier thanks to Everyday California and Sanuk. Everyday California offers sweatpants to walk around outside in the neighborhood or in your own home. Their Newbreak Sweatpants, made from a French Terry tri-blend fabric, are essential for a cozy but productive workday. These sweatpants are slim fit and super cute for any summer day. To pair these cozy sweats, you can also get some slip-ons from Sanuk. Whether it be the leather slippers or the Vagabond slip-ons, they’ll have you looking snug and refreshed. Everyday California and Sanuk make it effortless to look good even during a casual hangout. To view some of Everyday California and Sanuk’s homey products, visit https://www.everydaycalifornia.com/ and https://www.sanuk.com/ for more.

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