SIMPLY & Fashion Island bring StyleWeek OC- Southern California’s Most Influential Fashionistas for a day of Panels

SIMPLY & Fashion Island bring StyleWeek OC- Southern California’s Most Influential Fashionistas for a day of Panels

SIMPLY and Fashion Island Style Week OC, the one-day event included top celebrities, influencers and experts discussing fashion, beauty, and digital marketing. The panels were moderated by SIMPLY Founder, Sarah Boyd and Daily Pop Co-host Carissa Culiner but the highlight of the day was the interview Keynote speaker singer Ashlee Simpson Ross. 

Ashlee discussed fashion, beauty and her and her husband, Evan Ross’s individual albums in the making.

When talking about fashion Ashlee said her style has developed since such as young age: “It was always about fashion. Since the time I was young, you know I grew up and like ‘Mom, I kinda wanna dress up like a boy’ and so she’d take me to the Tommy Hilfiger boy section and then I’d be like ‘I kinda wanna be girly. However I evolve, it’s girly with a boyish twist.”

She was asked what makeup and fashion style makes her feel the most beautiful? Ashlee was quick to respond: “For me I love eyeliner, I love a good top wing. And to be honest, my husband is very good at art so I feel like one of my eyes is always good and the other is off but thank god my husband is an artist because I’m like ‘here’s my eyeliner can you make it even?!’”

Kat Graham, of The Vampire Diaries, started the day with her keynote conversation that was moderated by SIMPLY Founder Sarah Boyd. Which blended in nicely with the multiple panels featuring influencers, experts and more celebrities.

The fashion panel which featured speakers that included Content Creator Cassydy Berliner, jewelry designer Gorjana Reidel, TV star Courtney Kerr, celebrity stylist Lo VonRumpf, designer Lindsay Albanese and TV personality Carly Steel where they discussed topics such advice for up and coming business entrepreneurs and tips for creating a successful brand.

The beauty panel brought together top experts that included blogger Christine Kong, TV star Courtney Kerr, celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, Founder of O Cosmetiques Olia Majd and Founder of GlowTopia Diana Madison. The panel answered audience questions about anything to do with beauty and running a successful beauty business.

The branding and digital marketing panel included Glee Star Becca Tobin, Founder of Planoly Brandy Pham, Content Creator Quigley, model Rocky Barnes and Founder of Elevate My Brand Laurel Wintz. They spoke about what it was like to run and maintain successful businesses in today’s market.

Fans and attendees had a great day in the glorious southern California sunshine learning about beauty, fashion, and business all the while shopping next to their favorite celebrities.

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