Real Items, in partnership with New York-based The Janus Gallery will be unveiling a first in the art world, unveiling the transformation of over two hundred artworks by renowned artists of The School of Temporal Abstraction.

Holographic original Kobe Bryant jacket designed by Jeff Hamilton
Kobe’s jacket is just one of over 200 artworks Real Items will be transforming into the physical form throughout the week using their cutting-edge technology, which has it possible for one to actually experience the phygital jacket’s past, present and future. They have been able to do this through the combination of an embedding NFC tag which pairs with the works associated QR code. The combination of these elements makes it and other Real Items physicals scannable via NFC tags using a smartphone or tablet and instantaneously transmits the jackets full journey from physical to digital to NFT using the QR code displaying the items complete NFT information on your device.

Poised to exhibit and sell some of the year’s most avant-garde artworks of Miami Art Week the exhibition will debut the transformation of each artwork into its Phygital self by utilizing Real Items’ innovative technology and allowing viewers to feel and experience the past, present, and future of each work.

Embedding each piece with a unique tag and QR code associated plaque. Powered by Real Items’ innovative platform, paintings will be scannable using NFC tags or QR codes on their associated plaques presented alongside each piece displaying all NFT information of their digital selves.

CONTEXT Art Miami, presented by Art Miami is returning for its ninth edition. The fair will feature international galleries showcasing emerging, mid-career and innovative new wave artists. It kicks off Nov 30 – Dec 5, 2021 at One Miami Plaza.

Two of the exhibition’s principal artists, Nima Veiseh and Bruno DaVenzia will be onsite.
Real Items ( is a leading NFT commerce company that augments our physical world with a deeper layer of exclusivity, interactivity, and authenticity. Founded in 2017, Real Items works with leading brands globally in fashion, art, sports, and other verticals to transform their physical products into “phygitals”: physical items tied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In creating phygitals for brands, Real Items enhances the consumer experience with exclusive, embedded memories and experiences and verifies the authenticity, rarity, and origin of products. To learn more about Real Items, please visit:
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