GBK Brand Bar Celebrates The 96th Academy Awards With Annual Oscar Luxury Lounge

GBK Brand Bar Celebrates The 96th Academy Awards With Annual Oscar Luxury Lounge

Presented by Care A2+, GBK Brand Bar’s 15th annual Oscar Luxury Lounge, held over two days at the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel, welcomed the stars and media to celebrate the 96th Academy Awards.

Viola Davis with Care A2+; (Photo Credit: Bella Marie Adams)

Oscar winner Viola Davis, Emmy winners Storm Reid, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ricki Lake, as well as stars of nominated films, including Scott Evans and Anna Cruz Kayne (Barbie), Janae Collins, William Belieau, Jillian Dion, Tatanka Means (Killers of the Flower Moon), and Reagan To (Elemental) all stopped by to celebrate the day. Other Oscar nominees who attended included Nazrin Choudhury (Red, White & Blue), Tal Kantor, Amit Gicelter (Short Letter to a Pig), Misan Harriman (The After), Lasse Lyskjaere Noer (Knight of Fortune), and Vincente Rene Lortie (Invincible). Other notable guests included Cedric the Entertainer, Adina Porter, Cheech Marin, Championship Coach Doc Rivers, Brian Shaw, Joe Russo, Cat Cora, Samantha Hanratty, Sofia Sanchez, Penelope Ann Miller, Eric Roberts, Rick Glassman, Christopher McDonald, DJ Tracy Young, Sonyae, Akbar Gbajabiamia, Violet McGraw, Victoria Tate, Jai Rodriguez, Shaun Toub, Armin Amiri, Calah Lane, and many others.

Neil Patrick Harris with GE ; (Photo Credit: Kinga Sarabia)

Presenting sponsor Care A2+, an Australian wellness company, produces baby formula that does what Mother Nature intended, nourishing children, nature’s way, with proven results. Care A2+ donated product to a local women’s shelter in the name of the celebrities present.

Cat Cora

Talent also received gifts from GE Lighting, a Savant Company which provided Cync® Dynamic Effects smart products, including neon-shaped lights and hexagon panels; food delivery by Jane Foodie, which includes gourmet flash-frozen, par-baked, and par-cooked delights delivered right to your door; Tequila from KOKORO Spirits which unites tradition and modern luxury in an award-winning handcrafted sipping tequila; and Mend by L’essence, skincare by a group of PhD’s and clinicians involved in groundbreaking biomedical research specializing in longevity and regenerative medicine.

Ricki Lake with Mend by L’essence; (Photo Credit: Will Roberts)

Other brands being gifted included wellness items such as Root Brands products; Mindful Wellness’ specialized to support weight loss, menopause, and children’s weight management; dog accessories from Glow Pups; and luxury swimwear and activewear from Cabo Couture.

Some of the day’s food and beverage sponsors were Soultox high alkaline mineral infused water with natural flavors; Ike’s Love & Sandwiches; Fog Crest Vineyard; and Topo Chico sparkling mineral water.

GBK Brand Bar CEO Gavin Keilly is committed to giving back, and this year five separate charities were the beneficiaries of this lounge, which included Angel City Pit Bulls; Food on Foot nonprofit helping low-income neighbors in Los Angeles; Paws for Life K9 Rescue; Casa De Los Angelitos, providing a Safe Haven for mothers and their babies; and The Collective Identity Mentoring, a non-profit, a grassroots mentoring program for black girls and gender-expansive youth. This event raised over $80,000 for these causes, including a generous donation from Beverly Hills-based attorney Tara Jane Flynn to Food on Foot. GBK founder Gavin Keilly has secured over $10 million to over 50 charities since 2002.


Featured Image: Storm Reid; (Photo Credit: Tiffany Rose)

Nicole Muj
Nicole Muj