Le Meridien’s LA Summer Soiree with Garance Dore

Le Meridien’s LA Summer Soiree with Garance Dore

Le Méridien debuted its chic program “Au Soleil: a Summer Soirée” last night at a gorgeous mid-century modern Beverly Hills private residence that was once home to old movie stars like Elvis Presley. Hosted by Garance Doré, celebrated writer, creative director and founder of Atelier Doré, notable attendees included some of Doré’s chicest and closest pals, including Clare Vivier (Founder, Clare V.), Heidi Merrick (designer), Jessica De Ruiter (Stylist), John Frierson (President, Fred Segal), and Kate Butler (Actress). Guests, dressed clad in their summer best, nibbled on petit plates, sipped on rosé cocktails, played backgammon and bocce ball as well as danced along to live performances by French Bossa Nova collective Nouvelle Vague along with Chris Norton, Doré’s husband-to-be. The event paid homage to the brand’s French heritage and the allure of the Côte d’Azur.

About The Global Summer Program:
“Au Soleil: a Summer Soirée by Le Méridien” is a global program that brings the playful glamour of European summers to life at Le Meridien’s more than 100 hotels around the world. Inspired by the brand’s French heritage and the allure of the Côte d’Azur, the global series of events invites guests to sip, sway and savor the journey of travel through all senses, including Petit Plates menu offering light and local fare alongside rosé spritzers and aperitifs, a modern twist to the iconic seaside pastime of backgammon, and an exclusive summer soundtrack curated by French Bossa Nova collective Nouvelle Vague.
More Details:
  • Le Méridien has tapped Garance Doré – celebrated writer, creative director and founder of Atelier Doré – to continue evolving the brand’s summer programming. As creative consultant for Au Soleil: a Summer Soirée, she lent her editorial eye to guide how the sentiment of summer will come to life for Le Méridien guests around the globe.
  • Soirées will occur at celebratory moments throughout the summer (and fall) months in both northern and southern hemispheres, in destinations as diverse as Split and Seoul, Nice and New Orleans, to Dubai and Bangkok. Additional destinations include Montreal, Denver, Mexico City, Santa Monica, Indianapolis, and more.

As part of this global program, the brand partnered with Garance Doré to create super chic and socially shareable videos that live on Atelier Doré.

Garance Doré Le Meredien

The videos connote this idea of la dolce vita / savoring the good life, which is the baseline of the brand’s new positioning.


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