Who is Mr Cute? Exploring the World of the French Visual Artists

Who is Mr Cute? Exploring the World of the French Visual Artists

Mr Cute is the artistic collaboration of two French brothers, Michel and Jean-François. With a passion for pop art and a desire to create unique and offbeat artwork, Mr Cute has emerged as a distinctive voice in the art world. Let’s delve into Mr Cute’s story, their artwork, and their journey to the United States.

The story of Mr Cute began a decade ago when a genetic disease was discovered in one of the brothers. This rare and incurable disease, similar to multiple sclerosis, was a shock to them both. However, instead of letting it discourage them, they decided to embrace their passion for art immediately, rather than waiting for retirement. This marked a turning point in their lives, as they transitioned from being artists on the side to becoming full-time professionals.

One of the defining aspects of Mr Cute’s artwork is its unique blend of different techniques. Inspired by the pop art movement that revolutionized the art world, they incorporated silk-screening, stenciling, collage, and more into their creations. They draw inspiration from renowned pop artists such as Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, and Warhol. Their goal is to create art that is never seen before, infused with humor and an offbeat attitude that makes viewers feel good.

Initially, Mr Cute started their artistic journey by creating giant slides reminiscent of the Kodachrome slides from the 70s and 80s. These slides served as a nostalgic tribute to icons that shaped their generation, including beloved cartoon characters and iconic personalities. They utilized silk-screening, stenciling, and lenticular processes to convey stories and elicit emotions. The lenticular process, in particular, allowed them to tell stories using two images, exemplifying their desire to create unique narratives.

In recent years, Mr Cute expanded their artistic horizons by exploring oil paintings and collages on canvas. They introduced the concept of uchronia, which involves altering historical events to imagine alternate outcomes. They reimagined pivotal moments in history, such as Jackie discovering John and Marilyn’s wedding or Rosa Parks being moved by Obama’s election as the first Black president of the USA. These uchronia creations perfectly marry art, history, and imagination.


Mr Cute’s provocative collection, featuring paintings on drug packages, showcases their penchant for unorthodox art. Inspired by movies like Pulp Fiction, The French Connection, and Scarface, they playfully reference these films while using plaster in place of actual drugs. This collection serves as a commentary on society and adds an element of provocation to their body of work.

Working together as brothers has proven to be a harmonious creative journey for Mr Cute. With shared childhood memories and a similar taste in art, they operate as a cohesive unit. Each one seamlessly continues where the other left off, resulting in a dynamic and fluid creative process. This shared wavelength allows them to bring their artistic visions to life.

While Mr Cute has earned recognition in European art fairs, they have always harbored a dream of showcasing their art in the United States. Their unique style and their love for American culture have resonated with many in the American market. To fulfill their dream, they recently decided to exhibit their work at the Spectrum Art Fair in Miami. This move marks a significant milestone in their artistic journey.


One recurring theme in Mr Cute’s artwork is their fascination with Marilyn Monroe. Their admiration for American culture, coupled with the influence of pop art icon Andy Warhol, has given rise to their infatuation with Marilyn. She symbolizes the connection between Warhol and pop art, bringing their artistic journey full circle.

In terms of selling their art, Mr Cute primarily relies on art fairs as their main sales channel. They regularly participate in art fairs across France and Europe and have recently expanded their reach to the United States. Additionally, they have a presence on prominent art-selling websites such as Artsy and Artsper. Collaborations with galleries worldwide further facilitate the sale of their artwork.


Mr Cute’s foray into street art began during the first lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With art fairs being canceled, they found themselves with ample time and a desire to create. They took to the streets, hanging signs with powerful messages against homophobia, abuse, and domestic violence. This exercise allowed them to denounce societal issues while also expressing their artistic freedom. They continue to exhibit their street art in various cities, including Paris and Rennes, as well as during their travels.

Mr Cute’s journey as visual artists embodies the motto “Stop Waiting For Friday.” Their story serves as a reminder to seize opportunities and follow one’s passion without delay. Their artwork, characterized by a fusion of pop art techniques, humor, and offbeat charm, continues to captivate audiences. As they make their way to Miami for the Spectrum Art Fair, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Mr Cute’s artistic adventure.

Kat Fleischman
Kat Fleischman