Fireplaces – All the Perks Without the Price

Fireplaces – All the Perks Without the Price

Fire – something about it just brings out the primal instinct in all of us. Whether you are drawn to the warmth or just in it for the glow (who doesn’t look good in firelight, right?), fireplaces are a great addition to any room décor. The only problem is that most of us don’t have the option to simply add a fireplace to our existing spaces. As a professional interior designer, my role is to find solutions. In the past, the only option beyond the costly addition of a wood-burning fireplace or installing a natural gas line seemed to be an artificial-looking electric unit. But in the past few years, manufacturers of LED fireplaces have been making great strides in units that are surprisingly realistic.

Yes, I know what you are thinking – the words “electric fireplace” conjure up images of your grandmother’s living room complete with doilies. But I have found that the LED fireplaces are not only affordable but allow my clients the ability to add ambiance and heating capability to any room in their house. No gas lines, no code issues, just the limits of your own imagination. My go-to resource is the manufacturer Dimplex out of Ontario, Canada. These are available on-line from various web-sites, but I prefer to have my clients purchase from a local showroom so that they can see and feel the options in person (as well as having a reliable resource to deal with any issues that may arise – so far there have been none.)

The Dimplex Revillusion collection of LED fireplaces offers options in both a modern version and a more traditional style. The fireboxes are just 12” deep, so typically I have been able to partially recess the units into a framed-out stud wall with minimum build out into the room so that the fireplace feels integrated into the space. I love this product so much because it’s designed to be direct-wired to a 120, 208 or 240-volt circuit, thought an optional plug kit is available. And it operates via a remote and can be ordered with or without the heating feature and/or specialty lighting options.

But perhaps best of all is that the unit is so simple that I can add surround elements with ease. I’ve done everything from traditional fireplace looks for historic homes using salvaged wood surrounds, and porcelain tile surrounds that can be adapted to fit any décor. So if your primal instincts are crying out for the addition of a fireplace in your home – check out the new LED fireplace options. You’ll be snuggling in front of a warm fire just in time for the first frost – S’mores optional!

Carrie Oesmann
Carrie Oesmann


has spent the past 20 years developing her skills and expertise in the real world of interior design. With her new blog site, “My Bailiwick”, Carrie shares her valuable insights on her experience as an influencer in global community of interior design professionals.

Carrie addresses all the aspects of interior design; working with clients, partnering with contractors and developing designs that really work within her clients’ budgets, personal taste and lifestyle. Carries insights bring the design process into focus as she explains how decisions are really made and why. And how each of those decisions impacts the big picture.

Carrie’s active lifestyle proves her mantra “A body in motion stays in motion!” So outside of her thriving design business Carrie pursues life with a passion. Whether she is teaching Pilates, training for a triathlon, traveling the world, or simply enjoying a round of golf and taking her golden-doodle Bailey to a local nursing home for a visit, Carrie is constantly on the go.

Gold and silver awards for her designing talents are a testament to her creativity and dedication to her profession. Carrie’s work has been featured in multiple trade magazines including New York Spaces, Distinctive Kitchens, Design NJ, New Jersey Home and Style, to name a few, as well as designer showhouses and even a television pilot. Carrie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design from Centenary College. She is an active professional member of NKBA, the National Kitchen and Bath Association and ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers, and is one of the elite who have passed the rigorous national qualification exam, making her an NCIDQ certified interior designer.

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