Cool Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Gift Ideas on Mother's Day

Choosing the perfect present for a loved one can always seem difficult. As you’ve no doubt figured out before though, a little advance planning and research goes a long way! Last year, we identified some wonderful gift ideas for Father’s Day leading up to the occasion –– like a relaxing song bed, or bamboo-based exfoliant lotion. In this piece, we will discuss a few unique presents that would make any mom smile this coming Mother’s Day….

Entertaining Items

The pandemic forced a lot of friends and family members to stay away from each other for the better part of two years. Birthdays and special occasions had to be celebrated through frustrating Zoom meetings, and we couldn’t share cakes or special meals with our loved ones. However, as gathering restrictions start to ease, we’re getting more chances to get together –– which is why gifts that revolve around entertaining company might just be perfect this year.

One of the easiest ways to impress guests is to put together a great spread of snacks and charcuterie. And as The Pioneer Woman notes, it’s actually pretty easy to set this up despite how impressive it looks! But it will be even easier with the right items on hand. A heavy-duty, attractive wooden charcuterie board (perhaps with a few accompanying cheese knives) is an excellent gift in this vein.

In a similar vein, other gifts oriented toward entertaining guests –– say, a nice fondue set or a kitchen torch for making the perfect crème brulée or toasting marshmallows indoors –– will work well too!

Wellness Accessories

Having good eating habits and exercising are necessary for staying healthy, but even those who focus on both won’t always feel great. Simple everyday issues like sleeping in a bad position, having a stressful conversation, or working extra hours can lead to issues like chronic pain, irritability, and depressive states, as well as physical and emotional exhaustion. And needless to say, many of us have experienced a bit more of this kind of thing over the past few years. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that can protect agains these problems –– some of which might make for great gifts for mom.

For those who suffer from migraines (or general stress) for instance, eye masks can be very useful as they protect eyes from bright lights. Some of them can even be cooled down in a fridge, making the experience all the more soothing. Massagers can also help with stress and muscle pain; Resteck, for example, uses a relaxing shiatsu machine that takes advantage of the user’s own arm weight to apply pressure to your back and neck, giving users wonderful results. And the Theragun machines have become extremely popular for soothing pain in particular places.

And of course, if mom is comfortable with it (from a pandemic perspective), you can even book her a massage or similar treatment at a spa!

Athletic Sneakers

The recent easing of restrictions has also made a lot of people excited to return to activities such as going to the gym or jogging. This is a perfect opportunity to give mothers a brand new pair of sneakers that will make their walks, runs, and general activity both comfortable and safe (not to mention stylish!). Some trendy options for regular runs are the environmentally-friendly Veja Condor sneakers and the the Adidas Ultraboost, which uses a specially designed sole that helps runner’s feet bounce back after each step.

If mom is more interested in walks or being active without necessarily going on runs or doing high-impact exercise, a few more style points may be in order. The Nike Air Force 1 Low “Summit White” combines practicality and elegance, and its most recent iteration comes with a fun celebrity endorsement from the greatest tennis player in history, too! The Serena Williams sneaker was featured on SoleSavy recently, ahead of its late-February release. It’s a tasteful, attractive shoe and another great gift for the mom that’s “getting back out there.”

Smart Gadgets

Modern technology can do a lot to make our mothers’ lives easier –– this much we know. And it’s why in any given year, the latest gadgets from major tech companies tend to make for good gifts. With so many people having gotten rather tired of those endless hours at home of late though, this year we’d suggest focusing on gadgets that make the home a little simpler or more comfortable.

What we’re talking about her are “smart home” gadgets. The SimpliSafe home security system, for example, turns the home’s safety into a smooth and seamless app-run matter. A new “smart” thermostat from Nest or one of its competitors does the same with the home environment. Gifts like these basically amount to home improvement, and can freshen up those home spaces that have grown a little dull in the last few years.

Mothers sacrifice a lot to provide their children with everything they need. It’s only fair then to repay them, each and every year, with thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts! Of course it’s always nice to think of something personal, based on what you know your mother likes. If you need some early ideas though, we hope some of the ones above have helped to get you thinking!

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