Chic and Hip Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Chic and Hip Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m a mother of two adult children so Mother’s Day gift-giving looks a lot different from when they were younger. It’s great! They know they have a hip, cool mom that certainly wants and deserves more than a macaroni picture art. This year I was pretty obvious with some ideas for them. Every so often the last few weeks I’ve been sending them text messages about how something was “cool” with a wink wink for Mother’s Day.

Here are just some of my top picks for Mother’s Day Gift Giving for the chic and hip mom!

Canyon Ranch Wellness – The Gift of Wellness

With the year we’ve all had giving a luxurious gift to your mom at Canyon Ranch is top-notch. Wellness is super valuable and mom will agree. Select from a range of wellness-focused experiences, including a complete holistic pathway experience, to gift and allows mom to set a course for lasting health and wellness.

The Experience Pathways Package is a truly exclusive package with all the wellness experiences wrapped in a nice bow.

Select a 3- to 7-night getaway in any of their locations, Lenox, Tucson, or Woodside, and give a truly personalized, integrative wellness experience that allows mom to choose from expertly composed pathways based on their unique wellness goals.

Are you ready for this? They will get personalized guidance from physicians, behavioral therapists, spiritual guides, nutritionists, or exercise physiologists, with a bundle of wellness services such as massages, facials, body treatments, and so much more.


mumi Bags

mumi products are cool and practical. Let’s face it, I want to be chic but it also has to be practical. I am in love with not one but two of their stylish selections. First up,  mumi’s Holographic Zero Privacy Tote bag is exactly that. Arm candy with lots of shine! This fun and roomy bag has ample room to stash all your essentials. On the go or a day at the beach.  The clear iridescent bag is perfect to carry anything you need and makes it easy to see what’s inside to quickly find what you want. I love the size of this bag, it’s got all the room I need. I was excited to see that Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York agrees with me.

If your mom travels, as I do, I also made sure I included their Travel Cubes, a set of 3. Organize all of your toiletries and grooming products for travel, the gym, pool, the beach, or a trip to the spa. This bathroom and travel organizer helps you keep all your toiletries and needs neatly packed and organized. This set includes 3 travel toiletries bags in different sizes which allows you to compartmentalize items by size and use. I’m ready for all the post-pandemic traveling I’m going to be doing.


Costa Farms Plants

Flowers are nice, but plants are better! These Costa Farms plants are brilliant. My pick is the Raven® ZZ. There are two reasons this chic plant has caught on. The first is that it features rich, purple-black foliage (that emerges a lively lime-green color) that stands out from most other plants in the home. The other is that it’s among the easiest of all plants to grow inside. You can enjoy it in high, medium, or low light; water it weekly or once a month. Plus, it’s a new variation on the scene, so plant collectors love it!

You can’t go wrong with any of Costa Farms plants. Their website is packed full of information so even the brown thumb plant owners will know what to do.

Availability: Nationwide and online from a wide variety of retailers (including Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) in the Trending Tropicals® collection.


Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee Peanut Butters

I love my coffee, most moms do! Now is a cool twist, coffee peanut butter from Brooklyn Roasting Company. Don’t give mom chocolates this Mother’s Day, have her try something new.

Super scrumptious Single-origin coffee peanut butter. Creamy, fresh roasted peanuts mixed with just the right amount of fresh roasted Turkish ground single-origin coffees. Just enough to do the trick. So delicious. I’m in love with these since trying them. Mom will be too.

I like pairing it with fruit wedges, in smoothies, on toast, waffles, or straight from the spoon. There are currently two options, yes I have both!

  • Sumatra Ketiara Peanut Butter: Rich, creamy, nutty, roasty, packed with Sumatran coffee character
  • Ethiopian Natural Peanut Butter: creamy, globulous, fresh roasted peanuts perfectly paired with blueberry-tinged Ethiopian natural processed coffee.



Ok, now for something completely fun! I just can’t with these socks. Let’s all kick boring socks to the curb and say hello to elements of surprise and delight. Created by entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek and Stance Inc. co-founder Taylor Shupe, BooSocki is a comedic California-based sock company offering levity, laughter, and a unique gifting service — ‘Boo’ your mom by sending them an unexpected pair of socks that will make them giggle with delight this Mother’s Day.

Even though they are fun, they are of wonderful quality. The socks are crafted from high-quality yarn and produced in Shupe’s eco-friendly and socially responsible knit factory, FutureStitch. Together, Shupe and Dyrdek started InStitches Inc., a comedic content company created with the mission to lift spirits. BooSocki, being their first venture, hopes to elevate social sharing through humorous pop culture moments, holiday celebrations and noteworthy life events.

Available on Amazon and Zappos, BooSocki’s collection offers ‘momtions’ (let’s be honest, cover up those unshaven legs) with Quarantine Queen and Stayin Alive!

BooSocki is here to spice up mom’s wardrobe.


Soapbox Bundles

Every mom deserves some pampering and there is no better way than with some beauty products and why not make it more special with an amazing element of charity with it. Soapbox is a wonderful, socially conscious hair and body care company that donates a bar for soap to communities in need for every product sold. And all of the soaps, body washes, shampoos and conditioners smell divine! They just released several new foaming hand soaps, body washes and body lotions that every mom needs.

The bigger and most impactful thing this Mother’s Day is gift-giving with a message. This brand is doing great things. Each Soapbox product has a unique Hope Code. This code can be entered to find out the specific project your purchase benefited. Why? So you can see how your act of giving can contribute to a larger mission.

They have great bundles that make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Takes all the guesswork out of it for you. The Soften and Moisture Bundle is delightful. Elevate your washing routine to a luxurious experience with this bundle that offers a variety of products with a focus on fragrances that bloom fresh and relaxing scents.


Missoma Jewelry

There really isn’t anything more decadent than receiving a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. Not like the stuff my mom used to wear.  wear!  Missoma’s Gold Leaf Choker is stunning. Simple, yet striking, the Gold Leaf Choker is the perfect first base to mom’s necklace layering. A gorgeous 18ct gold vermeil, we love this sitting pretty with our pendants or by itself. This pieces is a show stopper!

What’s cool about Missoma, a UK based company, is their community driven messaging. They are on a mission to inspire confidence, spark creativity, and fuel collaboration. You can’t go wrong with any of these delightful pieces and mom will love adding them to their jewelery collection.


Whatever you decide to get mom this year, make sure it is up to the standards of her coolness, badassery and all around style. Just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she’s a candidate for some slippers. Show her how you know her and how you appreciate her in all her coolness. I mean, that’s where you get it from!

Kate Elfatah
Kate Elfatah

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