Bunkr: A Survival Essentials Brand and Subscription Box To Launch In The Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Bunkr: A Survival Essentials Brand and Subscription Box  To Launch In The Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic
Zev Norotsky

During this unprecedented time in our country, serial entrepreneur Zev Norotsky, founder of the brand incubator entity ENTER, today announced the launch of his latest venture Bunkr.

The newly concepted lifestyle brand Bunkr is dedicated to educating and ultimately providing survival essentials and gear, helping to keep consumers fully prepared for any emergency situation. 

“ENTER has always been a brand incubator at the forefront of culture and whether it’s on behalf of one of our major brand partners like AB InBev, AT&T, lululemon or ultimately ourselves, we aren’t about to let this crisis keep us down,” explains Norotsky.

With businesses nationwide currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norotsky had the idea for the concept of Bunkr, outlined the elements, collaboratively designed the product, secured partner brands to come on board, and is now in production.

Available to pre-order online at www.bunkr.club, the first offering of the subscription box will be delivered in a stylish footlocker complete with over 40 curated essentials (face masks, hand sanitizers, pocket knives, chargers, etc.), after which, subscribers will receive exclusive, curated product offerings, refills and additions to their main kit. The introductory shipment that includes the footlocker costs $249 and includes one complimentary edition of the supplemental service, with additional boxes priced at $49. Bunkr is getting ready to ship its launch product to Americans within the next 30 days and international expansion and more product offerings are in the works.


He adds, “Currently the service is only domestic, but we are working on international fulfillment. Not only will we be offering supplemental quantities of specific items, but we are already developing our own signature product line that will launch later this year, as well as a handful of exclusive collaborations with some of the most iconic names in the industry.”


A percentage of the sales will be donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to supporting food banks and pantries across the country.  

Norotsky is known as one of the foremost cultural marketers in the country and also is CEO of the award-winning experiential events agency ENTER. He also recently opened Agency Coffee Co., a ‘grab and go’ coffee window located in the bustling Melrose Avenue street wear district of Los Angeles, which doubles as creative office space for his agency team. The location allows for him to have vendors delivering event materials and product to their rear storage area, the middle retail space acts as a functioning creative office space, and the front portion, the only part visible to customers, is a consumer-facing coffee window, run with partner La Colombe.

Nicole Muj
Nicole Muj