VIORA To The Rescue This Swimsuit Season

VIORA To The Rescue This Swimsuit Season

As summer is upon us, many of us wish to improve ourselves, in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. Many of us hope to rejuvenate and renew as we enter that dreaded “bikini season.”

Leading medical aesthetic solution Viora is demonstrating impressive results in improving the outer appearance of our faces and bodies.

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Medical Director of Beverly Hills Aesthetics, Dr. Sam Assassa is an internationally renowned non-surgical specialist with over 20 years of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery experience and a strong believer in Viora. He has been exclusively practicing aesthetic procedures in Beverly Hills since 1995 and using Viora in his practice.

“Viora is an all-in-one solution. I’ve used several other devices in the past but nothing I’ve tried is as versatile as Viora. The multi-frequency mode allows me to custom tailor treatments to my patient’s needs. I can treat the face, neck and body, including the forehead, eye area, nasolabial folds, chin and jowls. My patients love the fact that the skin tightening treatments are quick, painless and effective,” comments Dr. Assassa.

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A leader in the medical aesthetic industry, Viora has established its global presence in over 65 countries. Viora’s clinical team, as well as advanced technical teams, work with clinicians around the world to provide innovative, proprietary technologies such as CORE, SVC and PCR, all available on the V-Series platforms, the V10, V20, and V30. These technologies have revolutionized non-invasive treatments to improve, control and increase opportunity for the practitioner, while enhancing the patient’s overall experience. Viora takes aesthetics to a whole new level, not only by providing head-to-toe treatment solutions, but by taking a more holistic approach to promote a healthier lifestyle and deliver a total body solution.

Viora offers solutions and medical device services to medspas, plastic and cosmetic surgery offices, general practitioners, ob/gyns, dermatologists and dental spas around the world. It offers head-to-toe solutions for body skin therapy and tightening with a protocol called ReFit that is very effective for patients who have lost weight, post-partum or post liposuction. Viora also offers skin rejuvenation to reduce unwanted brown or age spots, rosacea and acne, and provides skin therapy and tightening on the entire face. Last but not least, Viora offers vulva rejuvenation and tightening with its unique protocol ReVive.

Viora’s cellulite treatments utilize a V-FORM hand piece, tailored to treat patients with a 35 BMI (body mass index) or lower, where most technologies can only treat up to a 30 BMI. Viora’s innovative MultiCORE technology features a unique proprietary technology with four modes to target the fat cells, as well as both dermal skin layers, separately or simultaneously, to stimulate collagen and fibroblast activity. It also incorporates vacuum therapy to exercise the tissue, develop firmer skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage, as well as provide a comfortable massage-like treatment. The vacuum also allows for a deeper depth of penetration of the radio frequency energy to target those stubborn, hard-to-reach areas.

Let’s arm ourselves with Viora this summer.

Nicole Muj
Nicole Muj