Dr. Js Naturals is Revolutionizing the Natural Health Supplement Industry

Dr. Js Naturals is Revolutionizing the Natural Health Supplement Industry

Clinical pharmacist Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, fondly known as  Dr. J, is the founder and president of Dr. J’s Natural www.drjsnatural.com, an innovative company that promotes optimum health and well-being.

Dr. J is truly revolutionizing the industry with her signature health and weight loss supplements and G X Life skincare line. Dr. J’s Natural line features premium quality dietary supplements and organic non-GMO products that are exceptional and effective, designed to create a healthier and better life for everyone.

The Southern California-based doctor comments, “With natural products, as with many things in life, what you put into them is what you get in return.  This is especially true when it comes to supplements and whole foods.  If you start with typical ingredients you’re going to end up with a typical product.”

Dr. J believes that to be a successful clinical pharmacist, one must have certain essential attributes that include attention to detail, genuine care for patients, the ability to understand patients’ needs, the experience and continuing education to care for a patient’s overall health and an uncompromising commitment to stay abreast with cutting-edge medical and alternative natural treatments. Based on these principles, Dr. J incorporates all these elements into her daily practice and into the development of her products.

Using only the best ingredients, Dr. J’s formulas for weight loss and promoting internal balance are unmatched and genuinely work.  (I, myself, have used them for several months, and have seen incredible results.) The Simple Cleanse, Simple Detox, Simple Slim, and Energy Booster formulas reduce bloating, deliver a flatter stomach, enhance nutrient absorption, boost metabolism and energy levels, reduce sluggishness, restart one’s internal clean digestive system, control cravings, and safely and effectively burn fat and clean out gut waste and toxins from one’s digestive system. All products are natural, US made, made without sugar, Ephedra or other harmful ingredients.

She comments, “Having a clean gut and liver prevents complications and disease long term. If one combines one capsule of Simple Detox and one capsule of Simple Cleanse, one will see results 5x overnight.”

Dr. J recently incorporated her Fatburner formula to her Simple Collection.  The Simple Fat Burner’s ingredients include Green Coffee Extract, “Super Food” Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract, Banaba Leaf extract and Vitamin D, that when combined have the synergistic effects to burn stubborn belly fat, as well as reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

A caring philanthropist, Dr.  J donates 10 percent of every supplement bottle sold to several charities that include Kiva, a peer-to-peer microlending institution, and  Stand Up to Cancer.

Dr. J  is dedicated to helping her clients to achieve wellness and natural beauty, all from the inside out.  Committed to this pledge, she is transforming the natural health industry with Dr. J’s Naturals’ innovations.

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Nicole Muj
Nicole Muj