Interior Design Inspiration from Netflix’s Bridgerton

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Are you ready to transform your home into 19th century England just like Bridgerton? Now you can with these inspiring design ideas brought to you by

I’m sure by now, like the rest of us, you’ve binged watched the top-rated show on Netflix, Bridgerton. There is a lot of talk about when it comes to the fashions and interior design elements of the show. The good news, now you can be like Daphne and walk in her high society shoes with these home decor elements!

Blue is the color of choice! From the wallpaper to the furnishing accents, you will see pale blue and white shades through the sitting room. This color is called “Wedegwood Blue” and is the family’s signature color, says Brigerton production designer William Hughs-Jones.

If blue isn’t your taste, any soft color shades will do to give you this same 19th Century English opulence.

Brass was used throughout the homes allowing an aristocratic feel in nature and regency to the home. An easy addition is to add metallic handles and embellishments in your kitchen and bathrooms. Try switching out your light fixture for an elegant chandelier or even add gold candles to give your home that Brigerton regal effect.

If you’re looking for a kitchen transformation that is “posh,” try creating a DIY marble top counter.

You may not own a Rembrandt and having an oil painting of your family hanging on the wall is a bit “much”; however, art is an essential element in any room design along with the show’s storyline. Add photos in central areas, like your hallway or staircase. You can even create your own family art gallery wall. If you’re looking to up your Bridgerton style game, add those family photos to super embellished frames, don’t forget the gold!

You can’t talk about Bridgerton and 19th Century England without thinking about the lush gardens and greens. Everything is pristine and manicured without a leaf or petal out of place. You may not be able to hire a team of gardeners and landscapers but adding some rose bushes, wisteria and my favorite, lavender to your garden will have your neighbors begging to come for tea.


There is so much more to the design inspiration that Bridgerton has offered us. We’ve only touched the surface. I’m sure we’ll see trends this spring and summer and continue to take an afternoon stroll with Daphne and her friends, with many more design ideas taken from this massively successful show. Thank you again for putting these beautiful inspirations together for us all.

Kate Elfatah
Kate Elfatah

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