Restaurant Review: Joseph’s – Financial District – New York

Restaurant Review: Joseph’s – Financial District – New York

“Non c’è amore più sincero di quello per il cibo.”

– George Bernard Shaw

This famous Italian saying means – “There is no love more sincere than that for food.”

That’s how amazing Italian food is, and no can really deny that! People in all parts of the world are in deep love with pizzas, risottos, lasagnas, spaghetti with meatballs and pasta of several different kinds. It is estimated that there are more than 900 Italian restaurants in New York alone. However, only a select few of these restaurants serve traditional, authentic Italian preparations in a fine-dining setting. Joseph’s is one of those rare gems!


Located in the heart of Downtown New York, Joseph’s is just 2 minutes away from the Wall Street Station. Since it lies in the Financial District of NYC, this basement located restaurant has become a popular spot for business lunches and corporate events. Also, if one has plans to visit any of these attractions – One World Observatory, Red Cube, FDNY Memorial Wall or the Ellis Island, dining at Joseph’s should also be a part of their itinerary since it is conveniently accessible from all these iconic places.


The atmosphere at this hidden Italian gem is cozy but upscale. The walls are studded with classy wine racks; there’s a huge bar, a private party room and the dining area which mainly comprises of wooden furniture with white sheets on the top. The tone of the interiors is earthy with gold embellishments in the form of wall structures and golden frames. Joseph’s is perfect for a date night as well as a professional meeting. That, in itself, is such an accomplishment, especially in the Financial District.


The restaurant offers elaborate lunch, dinner, bar snack, wine, catering, to go, dessert and party menus, to provide an Italian fix for every occasion. They offer a ton of daily specials including – soups, pasta, meat preparations, seafood and a range of appetizers. Their salads are quite popular for being flavorful and wholesome.

The food at Joseph’s tastes fresh and homemade and their portion sizes are just right. The place proudly serves an impressive collection of award-winning red and white wines from around the world. Their Tiramisu is highly recommended, and so is the selection of their ravioli dishes. Seafood is also a specialty of this place. Baked jumbo shrimps, stuffed clams and fried calamari will take you back to Northern Italy.


If one goes by the reviews of this restaurant, one thing everyone who’s praising Joseph’s would enlist is – its wonderful service. The staff is friendly, attentive and always eager to go a step ahead to make their diners feel welcomed and pampered. If the guest is up for it, they’ll make some fantastic recommendations. Everyone from the coat-lady to the manager does their work with a smile on their face, and this makes the vibe of Joseph’s exceedingly relaxed yet professional.

Being one of the oldest and also one of the most authentic Italian establishments of New York, Joseph’s has quite a list of devoted loyalists. However, even during the busy lunch hour, one will be able to enjoy a hearty, delicious North Italian meal in no time. So, visit this place with colleagues, friends or the better half and dig into some rustic Italian delicacies. Booking their private room for a business meeting or an intimate little celebration is also a great way of experiencing everything this restaurant has to offer.

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