How About a Steak Dinner in a Dreamy Vintage Setting – Tudor City Steakhouse NYC

How About a Steak Dinner in a Dreamy Vintage Setting – Tudor City Steakhouse NYC

Historical buildings turned into classy restaurants have always been NYC’s favorites. And when the building in question is considered the first residential skyscraper ever to exist, who wouldn’t want to visit it?

Tudor City Steakhouse is located at 45 Tudor City Place, the former site of the original Tudor City Restaurant, which was built in 1928. The secluded location of this Midtown Manhattan restaurant, overlooking the East River, is perfect for a dreamy romantic dinner, but since it is located in the vicinity of the United Nations, formal business lunches are also pretty common.

The vibe of the place is chic yet vintage. Their food, traditional yet unconventional!


This multilevel restaurant is quite spacious with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Grand Central Terminal is just three blocks from here, making this place easily accessible, yet once you reach Tudor, you completely forget that you are in the middle of the busiest city in the world. Such is the charm and serenity of this complex.

The main feature of its interiors can be described as ample use of wood paneling with metal and glass accents. Gardens and trees surround the entire building. And its historical window panes reveal the quaint views of the East River.

Sleek horizontal mirrors with wall-sized bookshelves form the backdrop of the main dining area. And large leather couches, old vintage photographs, and white table linen further help to create an ambiance of old-world charm.

Dining Table - Tudor City Steakhouse

Food & Drinks

You expect excellent steaks to be served at a restaurant whose nameplate says it’s a steakhouse. And fortunately, Tudor City Steakhouse fulfills this expectation like a piece of meat; I mean cake! They dry-age their meats on-site, and all their steaks are USDA Prime. Our top recommendations from their ‘prime steaks & chops’ menu include – the Porterhouse, Filet Mignon, and Rib Eye Steak.

Also, though the central theme is essentially American, this place is full of unique, flavorful surprises. Besides the usual steaks, salads, appetizers, and seafood, it serves a variety of international delicacies including sushi rolls, risotto, pasta, ceviches, Venezuelan tamale, and lasagna.

For desserts, there are options like NY cheesecake, apple cobbler, Belgium chocolate mousse, and creme brulee. And the beverage program is designed to complement their bar snacks and succulent meats. There’s an impressive wine list along with some fantastic options of beers and cocktails.

What Else?

Though the place exudes regal vibes and the ambiance is exceptionally classy, Tudor City Steakhouse isn’t all that expensive. Everything is reasonably priced, given the kind of food you get to eat and the kind of atmosphere you enjoy. The place is known for its large portion size, which makes the prices even more justifiable.

The service is remarkable. Waiters are polite, attentive, and knowledgeable. Also, there’s free parking on-site, for up to 4 hours!

We’ve been here quite a few times, have tried several different things from their menu, and not even once have we left the place feeling disappointed. So, Tudor City Steakhouse is one of those beautiful places, which gets everything right, every time!


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