French Cheese Board Has a New Address Now

French Cheese Board New York - Exterior

French Cheese Board is the most authentic, creative, even futuristic gourmet destination for French cheeses in the whole of New York. The place offers hundreds of different varieties of French cheese. You name it, and they’ll serve it! But that’s just one of the many reasons why we love this place so passionately.

French Cheese Board is so much more than just a fancy store where you go to buy some cheese. The idea behind this ‘cheese paradise’ is to create an interactive space where food finds its companions in art, design, and innovation. It is a platform for conversations and debates. And it readily becomes a platform for events, exhibitions, cooking lessons, and workshops of various kinds.

French Cheese Board New York - cheeses

Bigger, Better, and Cheesier!

French Cheese Board originally started in 2014 on Spring Street in Soho, but this was a smaller venue. They’ve shifted to a larger, two-story space in the same neighborhood. This new space has a contemporary retail section stocked with rotating collections of 30 kinds of cheese and 15 varieties of butter, along with a demonstration kitchen setup where cooking classes and workshops are conducted.

French Cheese Board New York - cheese tasting

Chefs and food artists worldwide have conducted sessions, creating magic using the goods FCB offers. This place has also become one of the city’s most popular destinations for cheese tasting classes and pairing sessions. Several different kinds of events and exhibits are also organized here from time to time, such as the NFT: Fromage in the Metaverse event, which was concluded in July 2022.

French Cheese Board in New York

The space is always buzzing with chefs, artists, food bloggers & enthusiasts, and cheese makers as they explore this amazing world of dairy products and specialty foods meticulously curated by the team of FCB. Plus, once you are here, you can explore their amazing collection of cookware and accessories for your own kitchen.

What Else?

Another important reason why we love returning to this gourmet destination, again and again, is that we are welcomed by a knowledgeable host every time we visit. The focus is always on guiding and helping the customers rather than making a sale. And because of these kinds of sensibilities, this place has become what it is today in such a short span of time.

French Cheese Board New York - SOHO

Also, please note that besides cheese and butter, you can also buy various other goods from FCB, including gourmet jams, jellies, and honey. The packaging is always fantastic. If it’s too hot outside, they pack your order in a cooler bag to retain the freshness and texture.

You can learn more about our first visit to the French Cheese Board here.

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