Enjoy Authentic Neapolitan-style Italian Treats at Graffito Pizza, Plant Riverside District

graffito pizza

The oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah, attracts millions of tourists every year to its iconic historic buildings, cultural centers, cobblestone streets, and nature parks. And now, to take things to the next level, a brand-new entertainment hub, Plant Riverside District, has opened its doors to everyone! Plant Riverside is a part of JW Marriott Savannah, but since the property is too grand to be called ‘just a hotel,’ calling it a ‘district’ is pretty appropriate!


Built on a majestic four-and-a-half-acre waterfront, Plant Riverside is a classic ‘Kessler Property’ with many bright colors, artistic touches everywhere, and an atmosphere of fun all around! There are 14 food and beverage joints in the district offering a wide variety of culinary experiences. There’s a beautiful African lounge called Baobab, a Riverfront Biergarten, a Sushi place, two rooftop restaurants, a walk-in wine cellar, and of course the Neapolitan-style graffiti pizzeria called Graffito, which we are about to review now.

The Ambiance at Graffito

Graffito Pizza is the first place we decided to explore in Plant Riverside. Located on the ground floor, it offers something for everyone. Kids are already in love with this pizza place, and so are the adults.

As you step inside, you are greeted by two actual pizza ovens imported from Italy, and from that moment itself, you realize you are in for a real treat! The next thing that catches the eye as soon as you step inside is the super cool mural on the wall, created by talented artist Greg Mike. His colorful, playful characters perfectly represent what Graffito stands for – a classy pizzeria where you can enjoy fabulous Italian treats in an atmosphere of high energy and fun vibes.

You can sit in the dining area, or you can sit at the bar, whichever way you like. If you choose to sit at the bar, you can watch the chef prepare your pizzas from scratch.

Food and Drinks

The menu has everything a fantastic pizzeria should have. You can order a variety of freshly baked, mouth-watering pizzas, along with a great selection of Italian starters, salads, and kinds of pasta as well. The dessert menu is small, but the desserts are on-point. Tiramisu Cheesecake was truly divine!

We got to enjoy full-sized pizzas with perfectly crispy, thin crusts. The ingredients were fresh, nothing was pre-cooked, and all the pizzas tasted like they were prepared in brick stone ovens. The food was terrific. We expected that. What we weren’t expecting was an equally impressive collection of Italian wines, beers, and cocktails to go with our pizzas.

As we ate through the mouth-watering pizzas, we were also able to watch the performers outside, which truly made this meal a whole different experience.

What Else?

You can see all kinds of diners enjoying their meals wholeheartedly here. It’s a perfect place for a fun, casual date and a small party or a family gathering. Graffito has an open kitchen design with a bustling dining room. And the views of the River Savannah make up for an enchanting background. The service was fast, and the staff was attentive, friendly, and helpful.


Photo Courtesy: Graffito Pizza, Savannah, GA

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