Best Alcohol Gifts for 2020

Best Alcohol Gifts for 2020

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon


Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon – Recipient of a long list of accolades including Gold medals, Double Gold medals, and titles like ‘Best American Whiskey Bourbon 7 years & Under’, Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon tastes like ‘art.’ Created by perfectly mingling four original Bourbon recipes by a Master Distiller at the peak of maturation, this Bourbon blend can be best defined as – mellow and perfectly balanced. Just so you know, all Bourbon recipes at Four Roses are made by combining 2 mash bills with 5 proprietary yeast strains to formulate 10 distinct flavors.

Ardbeg Wee Beastie Whiskey

Ardbeg Wee Beastie Whiskey – Their site describes this one as – “It’s a monster of a dram.” Ardbeg’s people wanted to create the rawest, smokiest whiskey blend their shelves have ever seen, and what they came up with is Ardbeg Wee Beastie. No wonder it made it to the ‘Distillery’s Ultimate Range’ in a short span of just 5 years! Tongue-tingling and intensely aromatic, this whiskey blend is matured in ex-bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks. Enjoy it neat or combine it with a smoky cocktail.


Singani63 – An award-winning Bolivian spirit backed by a rich history of over 500 years! This one is distilled high in the Andes from Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Flawlessly clean and undeniably mixable, Singani63 offers a genuinely elevated drinking experience. The taste can be described as ‘distinctive with its own strong personality, bright, floral, flavorful, and fruity.’ Do check out their site for some really fantastic cocktail recipes which can be created with Singani63.

Mad Bean Hard Ice Coffee

Mad Bean Hard Ice Coffee – Confused between coffee or a cocktail? How about Mad Bean Hard Ice Coffee, which gives you the best of both worlds? Recently launched by the Geloso Beverage Group in Rochester, New York, this gourmet coffee-flavored malt blend comes in two exciting flavors – rich and distinctive ‘Mocha’ and creamy ‘Vanilla.’ It’ll remind you of the traditional Irish coffee, but it’s much more punchy, and as the name suggests – a tad bit mad as well! It’s available nationwide and can be bought in packs of four, with each can weighing 12 ounces for $8. Or you can buy a single 24-ounce can for $2.50.

McConnell’s Irish Whiskey – Originally started in 1776 by siblings – John and James McConnell, no other whiskey brand has seen so many ups and downs in the history of spirits. Within a few years of its inception, McConnell’s Irish Whiskey became one of the most loved whiskies, not just in Ireland but in all parts of the world.

But in 1909, more than 500,000 gallons of it went up in flames, ruining their distillery quite grievously. They somehow managed to rebuild their original name and glory, but then, the company went under Prohibition in the US. Now, once again, McConnell is making a comeback and is all set to become one of the most prized whiskies on a global scale. Take a sip and decide for yourself, is what we’d like to say!

Pining for the beaches of Brazil? Abelha Organic Cachaça is made with care in the northeast region of Brazil and is sustainable and bee friendly. The distillery uses traditional alambique (copper pot) stills to produce organic cachaça that is smooth, sippable and socially conscious. While Abelha Cachaça is designed as a sipping spirit, with smooth texture and a long finish, it is perfect in full-flavored cocktails such as a caipirinha. Abelha is available in Silver (SRP $31-$35) and Gold (SRP $39-$44).

Chateau de Berne Provence Inspiration – “An award-winning rose from the very heart of Provence.” This unique wine comes from the legendary Chateau de Berne estate in the South of France and is considered one of the country’s most premium wines. The square bottle design of Chateau de Berne Provence Inspiration is just as stunning as the taste of the wine itself, which can be described as clean, floral, rich in texture, fresh berries first, followed by herbs and flowers, and a dry finish.

The Good Gin’s Essence of Life – Handcrafted from carefully selected botanicals, The Good Gin’s Essence of Life is created by someone who knows how to live every moment of her life. Susanne Baumann-Cox brings you this gem of a gin that recently received a silver at the World Gin Awards 2020. It tastes sweet and, at the same time, hugely herbal. The gin can be easily ordered from its official website and comes with a side note that says – “use it wisely and don’t forget to dance!”

Whiskies by 10th Street Distillery – The crux of the ‘About Us’ section of this whiskey brand is – We are engineers, and we believe that everything can be made better. And that’s precisely what they did with 10th Street Distillery! After learning the old ways of making Single Malts from the masters and then analyzing the traditional methods whiskies are made in America, they came up with their own unique way of crafting one of the most sensational Single Malts there in the market. All their products are amazing, but we are especially blown away by STR, a non-peated whiskey which is matured in casks that have been shaved, toasted, and re-charred (thus the name STR) to strike a perfect balance between the oakiness of American blends and the traditional aspect of Scotch techniques. Do try it!

Tempo Sparkling Infused Hemp TeasTempo‘s mission is pretty straightforward – to help you set your own tempo, which means clearing the brain fog and kickstarting the day with lots of creative energy. The brand had recently launched 2 new sparkling tea flavors – a crisp green tea with the goodness of ginger and turmeric and a refreshing hibiscus tea with blackberry and lemon. Each of these flavors contains 25 grams of CBD to enhance your body’s natural function, helping you feel more relaxed and stress-free. Every can comes with a QR code that links you to the third-party lab results, maintaining absolute transparency and high-quality standards.

ROOT Crafted Cocktail MixersROOT artisanal cocktail mixers are handcrafted using ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC ingredients that pair perfectly with any spirit. ROOT makes refined effortless! ROOT simplifies the handcrafted artisanal cocktail. Uniquely, blended selections made with all-natural, organic ingredients enable you to offer exceptional drinks with ease. Simply add your favorite spirit to ROOT and become a Hero! ROOT offers gifting options with their gift boxes and their cocktail party sample packs.



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