700 Drayton at the Mansion on Forsyth Park Hotel – One of The Best Fine Dines in Savannah

700 Drayton, Mansion on Forsyth

Who could think of converting a Victorian-Romanesque 19th-century mansion into a chic, upscale restaurant with eccentric touches like Versace leopard print furnishings, multiple fireplaces, plush leather-backed couches, and white-colored floor-to-ceiling high curtains to divide the space into cozy nooks and corners? Yes, who else? Mr. Kessler is the brains behind this one-of-its-kind, most talked about, an exquisite restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. 700 Drayton is a part of the Mansion on Forsyth Park, one of the best luxury hotels in town.


The space acquired by the restaurant is the oldest, most evocative section of this mansion, which was initially built in 1888. In 2005, several portions of the mansion were restored to turn the property into an independent boutique luxury hotel.

Stepping inside 700 Drayton feels like stepping inside an art collector’s prized collection whose taste can be defined as eclectic and charming but also bizarre and aberrant. You’ll be greeted by numerous Victorian antiques, stunning crystal chandeliers, artsy animal portraits, and bohemian artifacts in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

A white wood-paneled stairway takes you to the next level, which is equally gorgeous and mysterious. The high ceilings and the wood paneling are a constant here as well. You can also sit outside in the patio area to enjoy the garden views of the property through the glass panels. Some days of the week, live entertainment is played, while other days are perfect to have deep conversations on the afterlife or soul’s purpose, given that this mansion was a funeral home earlier.

Food and Drinks

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all three meals of the day, are served here. The menu is primarily Contemporary American, but you also get to enjoy international flavors, the freshest seafood, plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, and a truly fabulous wine list. Their classy bar even serves Absinthe with all its glorious ‘flame ritual’ fireworks.

Everything on the menu has been created to complement each other perfectly. The portion size isn’t too small either, which is atypical for an upscale restaurant like 700 Drayton.

Some of their specialties include the she-crab bisque, pork chops, Sapelo Island clams, sea bass, eggs benedict, and mashed potatoes. One thing that stands out for this place is their cooked-to-absolute-perfection meats, be it their steaks, crab cakes, chicken delicacies, or filet mignon.

For desserts, 700 Drayton offers four confections: a bread pudding and a Coca-Cola cake, along with three genius libations. Overall, the food here wouldn’t disappoint you, especially if you love trying something new and exciting.

What Else?

The service at 700 Drayton is genuinely exceptional. Our server made some fantastic recommendations, was quick, enthusiastic, and fun to talk to.  Do not leave this place without touring the in-house art gallery, the museum, and the secret doorway!

Photo Courtesy: 700 Drayton, Savannah, GA

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