Why Alfa Pizza Ovens is Perfect Summer Solution for Grilling and Pizza Baking 

Moving to Italy has been a life-changing experience for me, and to make it all the more notable, Alfa Pizza Ovens made my pizza dreams come. For over 40 years and based in Anagni, Italy (the official  birthplace of pizza), the family-owned business has been uniting loved ones under the passion of crafting premium wood and gas-fired pizzas. The best part? My oven included a grill for cooking steaks, veggies and all kinds of dinner faves.


Americans consume a staggering 3 billion pizzas per year, and 93% of them have eaten pizza in the last month, and now they can have a  little piece of Italy in their own backyard. While pizza is adored by many, properly baking it at home can be a real challenge. Unlike other foods, pizza requires precise cooking of both the dough/crust and the toppings, which demand different temperatures for perfect results. Achieving a crispy, moist, and chewy crust, while properly cooking the toppings, rich in moisture, can be difficult, leading to either burnt crust or undercooked toppings.


Alfa Pizza Ovens perfects art of at-home pizza baking with Heat Genius™ Technology, using authentic fire bricks, absorbing and storing heat better than lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens. The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® offers twice the heat resistance of rock wool insulation, maintaining consistent temperatures for ideal cooking temperatures.


Based in Rome, Alfa has a rich history of building commercial pizza ovens for restaurants. Their innovations, borrowed from tradition, have revolutionized at-home pizza baking. With rave reviews, Alfa Pizza Ovens have surged in demand, with 93% of reviews on Amazon being 5 stars. Alfa also introduced the new gas-fired Moderno Portable pizza oven, their most portable and affordable oven to date. Priced at just $1,299, this lightweight oven is perfect for backyards and can easily be carried to friends’ houses, parties, and more. 


With Alfa Pizza Ovens, families and friends can experience the joy of cooking pizzeria-quality pizzas in their own backyards. With the perfect combination of Heat Genius™ Technology and Italian design, these ovens make summer grilling and pizza baking a delightful and effortless experience for everyone. No need to buy an extra grill for those meats and veggies too! 

Kat Fleischman
Kat Fleischman