We Talk Super Bowl LII With Talent Resources Sports’ David Spencer and Mike Heller

We Talk Super Bowl LII With Talent Resources Sports’ David Spencer and Mike Heller

GC: Tell us more about Talent Resources and, more specifically, your sports initiatives.

DS: (David Spencer) Our focus is on building bridges between consumer brands/services and the sports world, specifically with athletes. We accomplish this in several different ways. Our first approach is through conventional endorsements. This is where a brand borrows an athlete’s equity to help elevate their visibility and sell more products. Second, we utilize influencers and a social media strategy to create authentic product placement opportunities, which incorporate athletes, celebrities, and networks to extend the reach of a brand. Lastly, we implement event-driven marketing during important, culturally charged moments which occur over the course of the calendar year. That’s what I’m most passionate about. Our company creates platforms at the Super Bowl, the NBA All-Star Game, the ESPYs, the Kentucky Derby, and other important moments in the sports world where brands can be part of the pop culture conversation.

GC: We heard that you’re hosting exciting events during Super Bowl LII. What will that entail?

DS: Talent Resources Sports has been part of Super Bowl in one form or another for the last ten years. We originally began by producing events for large scale brands and primarily contributed our experience. Over the past several years, we evolved that model into identifying out-of-the-box and memorable real estate locations for our guests. Our goal is to create memories that will live through conventional media with a special emphasis on social media. Social media is important for brands because it creates a bilateral form of communication between the brand and the consumer. This two-way style conversation stands in stark contrast with conventional, unilateral advertisements.

GC: What are some of the challenges that an event producer typically comes across when executing international events? How has TR Sports managed to overcome those obstacles?

MH: (Mike Heller) This year we’re producing the fourth annual Rolling Stone event. We brought back Mercedes Benz to debut their new G Wagon and GT Convertible. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Jay Z’s music streaming company, Tidal, to provide an A-List music lineup headlined by MIGOS. This event is unparalleled and continues to grow each year. At Super Bowl 2018, we’re the executive producers for Playboy’s event, featuring Snoop Dogg. Athletes and celebrities, who attend these events, return annually because they understand Talent Resources Sports executes world-class events. We curate the guest list, which provides the platform for exclusive nighttime events, while creating opportunities for likeminded individuals in the world of marketing to network and interact. Our events are not open to the public, they are invitation only.

GC: What’s in store for 2018?

MH: After Super Bowl 2018, we’ll go straight to the NBA All-Star Game where we’re producing The Bleacher Report event at James Goldstein’s Sheats-Goldstein House by John Lautner, the most important house in Los Angeles. Bleacher Report is the lifestyle platform of Turner Sports (they broadcast the NBA All Star Game). We’re also producing an event for Jamie Foxx and Jack Daniels.

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