Frisky Movie

Frisky Movie

Tell us about your film “Frisky.” 

Frisky”:  When two twenty-something women move back to San Francisco, where they had met on exchange years earlier, their high career aspirations quickly become sidelined by their sexual interests.  While wildly crass and charismatic in their public personas, they are in fact fundamentally at odds on many levels.  Their opposing beliefs surrounding responsibility and romance, combined with their close quarters while crashing in an acquaintance’s living room, find them thrust onto a fast track to discovering what their friendship is really made of.  Based on true events, Frisky is an honest, tongue-in-cheek look at what it is to be a woman in the limbo years between college and “the real world”.

Where and when can we see “Frisky?”

We have a screening in Los Angeles on March 14th by Australians in Film (AIF) which coincidentally is the same day that “Frisky“ is available on VOD (MARCH 14TH, 2017).  You can find all the links to watch it (like iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, Amazon, etc.), the soundtrack, photos, and the trailer at www.FriskyMovie.com.

Frisky Movie

Frisky Movie

What’s the best filmmaking/storytelling advice that you’ve received?

Just do it. I think I saw it on a T-shirt. Also, write what you know — if it means something to you as a storyteller, the audience will feel that honesty.

What lead you be a filmmaker?

With an architectural background, I was always interested in how people experience space, how it makes them feel rather than simply how they see it.  This put my mind into cinema mode while designing and gave me the tools and a sense of empowerment that I can create anything I can imagine.

The actual filmmaking all started with acting which lead to writing comedy sketches… and they just kept getting longer… And if I actually wanted anything filmed, I had to learn how to do it myself.  So I did.

What locations did you use for “Frisky“?  Were there any unusual hardships or challenges as far as the location?

We shot all around San Francisco and Oakland, California.  We mostly shot at mutual friend’s homes and occasionally in parks.  When shooting the raunchy car scene in the Pacific Heights, it looked a little suspicious to some of the neighbors… who then called the police on us as they didn’t want “that kind of activity” in their neighborhood.  We ran.  Fast.

Tell us something that nobody knows about you.

I have spooned with my dog Bob on my mum’s couch once.  Sorry mum.  She’ll spew about that.

What are your interests outside of filmmaking?

Making other stuff — like mural art, architecture, illustration, and photography.  I also love science.  And nature.  And travel.  I really like to consider myself interested in most things.

Frisky Movie

Frisky Movie

What has been your greatest inspiration when filmmaking?

How people are.  What transpires in their minds to act, react, deal with, and view specific situations and relationships.   The simple act of being around people and observing this is inspiring.  You can’t make up most of the things that happen in real life.

If you could collaborate on a film with three people, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

Edgar Wright —- Legend

Wes Anderson —- because he is a radical artist and I want to learn everything he knows, except that afterwards, I want to spend a whole month at a spa winding down.

Rob Sitch —- because of the Castle. I bloody love that movie.



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