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Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Bedside Reading Summer Beach Reads
By Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder, Bedside Reading

It’s the beginning of the summer season for us.
Beach Books are here! Pools at our  favorite hotels are now open! Dive in and unplug with our Beach/Poolside Recommendations!

Here’s what they’re reading at: The Royal Sonesta Benjamin Hotel, NYC

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine by Sarah Vie – Children’s
In this new children’s book, Author Sarah Vie takes you on a journey guided by the light of her inner child that will help support your kids as they face life’s everyday challenges. The words are for children but the message is for all ages.

Little Vie is an adventurous girl who is not afraid of a little dirt! In her adventures, she experiences all kinds of new things like talent shows, a new little sibling, big scary storms and more. When things get tough on the outside, Little Vie chooses to dig deep inside herself to hear the “thump thump thump” of her heart so that her inner golden sparkle shines so bright!

Here’s what they’re reading at: Bardessono, Yountville, CA

Making The Rounds

 Making the Rounds by Patricia Grayhall – Memoir
What was it like to survive an illegal abortion, come out as a lesbian, and train to become a doctor in the late 1960s and early ’70s—before Roe v. Wade, before Title IX, and in a largely homophobic nation? In this unflinching and riveting coming-of-age memoir, Patricia Grayhall chronicles her journey from believing she is the only lesbian in Arizona to dipping her toes into dating in San Francisco, attending medical school in Salt Lake City as one of only five women in a class of one hundred, and completing an internship as the only woman in her cohort in Boston. Battling sexism in a male-dominated profession, she plunges into a life that is never boring—and certainly never without passion.

Named one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best 100 Indie Books of 2022, Making the Rounds is the story of how Patricia navigates these stormy seas without signposts to reach the shores she seeks—often battered, but never broken.

Here’s what they’re reading at: MARRAM Montauk, NY

death in the cloud

​​Death in the Cloud by E.J. Simon – Thriller
US nuclear missiles are minutes from Moscow. The only one who can stop them is Alex Nicholas – and he’s been dead for two years.

Here’s what they’re reading at: Limelight Ketchum Hotel, ID

The Nine

The Nine by Phil Simon
The workplace of 2023 already differs from its pre-pandemic counterpart. In some cases, it’s downright unrecognizable. What’s more, this gap will only intensify in the coming years. Blame—or thank, if you like—powerful economic, societal, geopolitical, and technological forces. They include generative AI, automation, dispersed workforces, blockchain, immersive technologies, employee empowerment, and the return of systemic inflation. The question for business leaders is, What should you do about it?

The Nine clearly explains what’s really happening, why, and how business leaders can navigate the dramatically different workplace of the future.

Here’s what they’re reading at: The Ven at Embassy Row, Washington DC

Gnar Country

Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad by Steven Kotler – Memoir
Gnar Country is the chronicle of Steven Kotler’s experience pushing his own aging body past preconceived limits. It’s a book about goals and grit and progression. It’s an antidote for weariness that is inspiring, practical, and, often hilarious. It is about growing old and staying rad.  Part personal journey, part science experiment, and part how-to guide; Kotler takes us on his punk rock, high-velocity joy -ride for a better life in spite—and often in defiance—of the perceived limitations of the aging human body.

Here’s what they’re reading at:  Conrad New York Downtown, NYC

The Paradox of Debt

Paradox of Debt by Richard Vague – Business/Currency
When we talk about debt and its economic impact, we usually center on “government debt,” and overlook the debt owed by individuals and firms that is vital to truly understanding the economy.

In this iconoclastic book, Richard Vague examines the assets, liabilities, and incomes of the American economy as a whole, not just of the government. The book shows that debt growth in excess of GDP growth is a feature of modern economic systems, not a bug—and thus ever-increasing leverage is built into the very structure of the economy. Vague uses the data presented in the book to show that rising debt is the primary source of economic growth, new money creation, and wealth creation—but that it also brings heightened inequality and can bring economic calamity when left unchecked.

Whether you are a policymaker or a private citizen looking to understand these dynamics, this book is an indispensable guide.

Here’s what they’re reading at: Napa Valley Lodge, Yountville, CA

Child Bride

Child Bride by Jennifer Smith Turner – Historical Fiction
In the segregated South of the mid-1900s, fourteen-year-old Nell bears witness to a world that embraces the oppression of women. Married off when she turns sixteen, she journeys from the South to the city of Boston, where she must quickly learn first how to be a wife to a controlling and emotionally abusive husband, and then a mother.

After giving birth to three children, Nell’s body begins to fail her. Her husband, concerned for her health, pulls away from her physically. But this void of intimacy drives Nell into the arms of another man, Charles— an encounter that leads to another pregnancy, and another unanticipated adventure for Nell.

Here’s what they’re reading at: Kimpton Marlowe Hotel, Cambridge, MA


Trust Your Intuition by Robin Pollak – Self Empowerment
A delicate combination of stories, inspiration, self-help, and insight.  This book reminds the reader to look inside for the answer.  Don’t give your power away and ask what everybody else thinks, trust yourself.  Know that your ‘gut’ is real, and accurate.

Here’s what they’re reading at: Mill House Inn, East Hampton, NY

The Guest

The Guest by Emma Cline – Thriller
Summer is coming to a close on the East End of Long Island, and Alex is no longer welcome.
A misstep at a dinner party, and the older man she’s been staying with dismisses her with a ride to the train station and a ticket back to the city.

With few resources and a waterlogged phone, but gifted with an ability to navigate the desires of others, Alex stays on Long Island and drifts like a ghost through the hedged lanes, gated driveways, and sun-blasted dunes of a rarefied world that is, at first, closed to her.  Taut, propulsive, and impossible to look away from, Emma Cline’s The Guest is a spellbinding literary achievement.

Here’s what they’re reading at: Harvest Inn, St. Helena, CA


Crypto Decrypted: Debunking Myths, Understanding Breakthroughs, and Building Foundations for Digital Asset Investing by Jake Ryan and James Diorio – Business/Currency
In Crypto Decrypted, Tradecraft Capital’s Jake Ryan and James Diorio decrypt a new world that is hidden in plain view, accessible currently to folks “in the know.” This book is for anyone who finds themselves lost in the blockchain babble, exploring and explaining not only how to participate, but the often overlooked reasons why this new technology is relevant to every human being.

Ryan and Diorio dive in deeply, debunking common myths, clarifying major breakthroughs that are often disregarded, and providing easy-to-understand answers for both crypto newbies and blockchain enthusiasts, so they can move beyond the short-term to explore what great opportunities lie ahead for blockchain technologies while providing approaches to investing more safely and soundly so that you too can profit from this technological revolution.

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