Jane Recommends Book Picks for Summer 2023

Jane Recommends Book Picks for Summer 2023

Bedside Reading 
By Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder, Bedside Reading

It’s summer! What better way to celebrate the season than with a good book, a cool drink, and a lounge chair by the pool or beach?

And coming up on August 12th is Authors Night in East Hampton. It’s a night we literally wait for all year long! Created as a special fundraiser for the East Hampton Library we are so proud to be there along with our Bedside Reading authors including Deborah Goodrich Royce (Reef Road), James Sturz (Underjungle), Kristy Woodson Harvey (The Summer of Songbirds), and Steve Madden (The Cobbler). https://authorsnight.org/

Here’s what they’re reading at MARRAM Montauk

The Marriage Box by Corie Adjmi

Casey Cohen, a Middle Eastern Jew, is sixteen in New Orleans in the 1970s when she gets into trouble and her parents decide to return to their roots, the Orthodox Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn. Casey is at first shocked by the culture, but then enticed by it when she meets Michael. Looking for love and a place to belong, she marries him at eighteen, believing she can adjust to Syrian ways. When Michael doesn’t want her to go to college and wants her to have a baby instead, Casey struggles against cultural expectations searching to find her way.

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Praesidium by McKinley Aspen

Kathryn Bek gets the chance of a lifetime: a job in New York City. Believing she is recruited for her marketing prowess, she is excited by the prospect of her new job; but all is not what it seems. Before long, Kathryn and her new team are thrown into a world of mystery, murder, and magic. As the team untangles webs of lies, she finds that her past may be the key to protecting her, and the world’s, future.  Praesidium can simply be described as “Good people with mad skills working to bring hope to a dark world.”

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Mastering Resilience by Dr. Lorry Leigh Belhumeur

Dr. Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, known by her clients, students, and colleagues as Dr. Resilience, delivers the precise 8-ingredient recipe for transforming adversity into resilience, purpose, and success. Based on her life experience and 30 years of work with children, teachers, therapists, parents, and caregivers, Dr. Lorry knows that adversity is transformable. In fact, she believes that people who’ve experienced the greatest childhood adversity are often the ones called to be cycle breakers and leaders for the next generation. This book will give anyone who senses there is more to life, more to contribute, more to enjoy- the strategies and tools to thrive- to become super resilient and to empower others to do the same

Here’s what they’re reading at The Maidstone Hotel, East Hampton

Ice Out by Susan Speranza
Francesca Bodin has a near-perfect life as an accomplished music teacher and professional flutist living in the Vermont countryside with her husband Ben, and their four-year old daughter, Addie. This ends suddenly when a snowmobiling accident traps the three of them in a frozen lake. Ben, after escaping onto the ice, leaves her and Addie to die.

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Where the Shadows Dance by Dana Killion
It would be easy to say Where the Shadows Dance is a memoir about a marriage―but marriage is simply the setting. Dana Killion dives deep into what we do for love, what we do because of love, how love can break us, how love can save us, and how the most important love is the love we feel for ourselves because, without it, no other kind can ever be as rich. A raw, vulnerable exploration of the damage that secrets and lies inflict, Where the Shadows Dance is a story for every woman who has set herself aside because someone else’s needs seemed greater.

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French Holiday by Sarah Ready
Merry DeLuca has a big problem. Her sister just married her best friend and the only man she’s ever loved. Her life is rapidly spiraling down the drain and she doesn’t have an escape plan. So when Merry is offered a three-month holiday living in a romantic castle in the French countryside she leaps at the chance. Merry knows her French holiday will fix everything—Her holiday will be perfect…until she arrives and finds Noah Wright—the best man at her sister’s wedding and the worst man she’s ever known—staying in her castle. Famous travel documentarian by day and the arrogant devil by night, Noah refuses to leave the castle. This means that Merry and Noah are stuck together in France, in a crumbling castle, on a holiday where nothing goes right. Not for Merry and not for Noah. Until…

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Lost in the Reflecting Pool by Diane Pomerantz

Lost in the Reflecting Pool, is a psychological “love story” that is at times tender and at times horrifying. It is the true story of a highly trained child psychologist who falls in love with a brilliant and charming psychiatrist and despite “noticing” things, she ignores all of the red flags of pathological narcissism which she has been trained to recognize. This will eventually come back to haunt her.

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White House by the Sea by Kate Storey

The intimate, multi-generational story of the Kennedy family as seen through their Hyannis Port compound on Cape Cod—the iconic place where they’ve celebrated, mourned, and forged the closest of bonds—based on more than a hundred in-depth interviews. Anyone who has lived in, worked at, or visited the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port has had a front-row view to history. Now, with extraordinary access to the Kennedy family—and featuring more than fifty rarely-seen images—journalist Kate Storey gives us a remarkably intimate and poignant look at the rhythms of an American dynasty. Fascinating, engaging, and illuminating, White House by the Sea provides a sweeping history of an American dynasty that has left an indelible mark on our nation’s politics and culture.

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Sora Searches For A Song by Once Upon A Dance
As the symphony floated above, Sora searched deep inside for a song. But nothing came. Melodies tickled across Sora’s toes, legs, and back as the little cricket searched in vain for a song.Then a stern voice pierced the night, and the music stopped. “Someone’s not singing.” Sora Searches for a Song is ideal for ages 5-8. It features Sora (no pronouns), birds, fish, frogs, dragonflies, turtles, snakes and more. Ballerina Konora joins each page with optional ideas to explore dance fundamentals. As kids move along with the characters and Ballerina Konora, they explore head/tail connection, dynamic posture, vestibular action, balance, movement quality, partnering, and more.

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Life and Other Shortcomings by Corie Adjmi

Life and Other Shortcomings is a collection of linked short stories that takes the reader from New Orleans to New York City to Madrid, and from 1970 to the present day. The women in these twelve stories make a number of different choices: some work, others don’t; some stay married, some get divorced; others never marry at all. Through each character’s intimate journey, specific truths are revealed about what it means to be a woman―in a relationship with another person, in a particular culture and era―and how these conditions ultimately affect her relationship with herself. The stories as a whole depict patriarchy, showing what still might be, (and certainly what was) for some women in this country before the #MeToo movement. Both a cautionary tale and a captivating window into women’s lives, Life and Other Shortcomings is required reading for anyone interested in an honest, incisive, and compelling portrayal of the female experience.

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