Jane Recommends Book Picks for February 2023

Jane Recommends Book Picks for February 2023

I am a romantic at heart! And of course we all know that LOVE is the highest vibration. So as Valentine’s Day 2023 rolls in, dive into…romance, whimsy, and magical experiences! My February recommendations!

Letters From Hollywood by Rocky Lang

A Classic! Movie fans and film historians will celebrate the treasure trove of rare notes, memos, and telegrams from Hollywood’s Golden Age in Letters from Hollywood.  Culled from libraries, archives, and personal collections, the 135 letters, memos, and telegrams are organized chronologically and annotated by the authors to provide backstories and further context. While each piece reveals a specific moment in time, taken together, the letters convey a bigger picture of Hollywood history.

The Pledge by Kim Sakwa

This is the newest in Lairds of the Crest novels. It’s a time travel romance novel series and I highly recommend starting with the first one, The Prophecy!  

In The Pledge a fifteenth-century Highland warrior finds himself face to face with his destiny—a fiery modern-day lass, whose reaction is far from what he expected as the past and present collide in another captivating time-travel tale.

The Baker’s Man by Jennifer Moorman

This enchanting and whimsical tale of friendship, love, and the power of baking dreams into life will open readers’ eyes to the magic all around them. When small-town Southern baker Anna tries out a recipe left behind by her grandmother—”how to create the perfect man”—a gorgeous stranger shows up in her bakery. What happens when you create a man out of dough?

Rocky Mountain Yoga by Virginia Fox

A little romance, a dab of suspense, and a whole lot of fun await you in the first book of the genre-skipping Rocky Mountain Romances series. This is the first book in the romantic, Rocky Mountain Romances series. Set in an idyllic Colorado landscape with a cast of characters who feel like instant friends, the author captures the essence of a life that mix romance, suspense, some mystery, a whole lotta fun, and lots of pets.

And for children: To the Ends of the Earth by Sharon Thayer

To the Ends of the Earth is a journey of love from the moment it comes into your world,

through the challenges it brings, as you travel through wild storms, over steep mountains, across mighty oceans, and through the deepest jungles, ever pushing forward, fueled by love’s unlimited power. Through our lives we all lose our smile once in a while. We get bored, sick, upset, lost, or afraid. When that happens, our burdens are greatly lightened, by someone who will, literally, go to the ends of the earth for us. 

This is a story to share with the loved ones who have gone to the ends of the earth for you, the ones for which you will travel the distance, and those of future generations who continue the ever-spinning cycle of love.

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